Bounce Rate Reduced by Refining Your Homepage

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Bounce Rate Reduced by Refining Your Homepage

If you know what a bounce rate is, then you know that a lot of people get to a website, look for a few seconds, and immediately go back to the search results. It seems like an impossible task, to capture their attention within such a short amount of time, but this is why the content that you put “above the fold of your homepage” is so crucial.

What’s Your Target Audience Looking For?

As most people can probably attest, the majority of web users have a very short attention span. “According to HubSpot, ‘55% of visitors spend fewer than 15 seconds on your website.'” That means you have to convince them to stay within that extremely finite period of time. Therefore, trying to include something that grabs their attention “above the fold,” or on that first, visible piece of your site, is very important. But… how do you accomplish that?

You have to make sure to include some indication of your USP, or unique selling point. What do you have to offer these visitors that is exclusive to you and your website? People whose sites have high bounce rates may not indicate at all what they’re providing to the user and they neglect making this information at all clear. Avoid this pitfall by saying immediately in that area what it is you can do for your target market. “Your USP is the way visitors get their bearings after landing on your site,” so don’t let them leave confused; you don’t want them to leave at all!

Now, visitors may know in plain terms what you can give them, but it might not have been thoroughly explained. Below the introduction to your USP, include a sentence or two of description explaining exactly what your product, etc. does. You don’t want to do so in a long-winded paragraph of text or any similar format that is likely to overwhelm. “This should raise the interest level of visitors and encourage them to keep exploring the website further.”

“Above the Fold” Crucial to Lowering Bounce Rate

You may not think that it’s as important when it comes to trying to reduce your bounce rate, but consistent branding and highlighting your logo are big pieces of what ought to be among the content “above the fold.” It’s a small thing, but it makes a huge difference in helping to keep your company’s imagery fresh in their minds going forward as they consider what you have to offer.

Part of what can drive a lot of traffic away after just a few seconds is complicated navigation. You have to make sure that it’s easy to get around on your website and that they find the menu to be both “simple” and “intuitive.” You would want to be able to easily find your way around any given website, so why should this be any different? As such, don’t weigh your menu down with a massive amount of page links, and always make sure their labels are clear. It’s OK to use a little bit of creative wording (i.e. “Who We Are” rather than a simple “About Us”), but don’t go overboard.

Another “small” detail that you have to include in the top area of your site is the contact info. People may arrive already knowing what you’re about and looking to contact you right away. If you don’t have a name, e-mail address, and phone number in this space, then they may become frustrated and off-put in having to hunt it down. One report noted that “51% of people think ‘thorough contact information’ is the most important element missing from many company websites.” Don’t let your site become part of that statistic!

Nobody wants to have a high bounce rate, particularly since it’s such a good indicator of site problems. If you need help reducing that number by refining the information above the fold on your homepage, then get in touch with Eyler Creative. We will work with you to develop and execute a marketing strategy tailored specifically to your business’s needs.


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