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Blog Content That Actually Gets Read

If you’ve recently started up your blog, then you may be a little bummed if you see there are no, or very few, readers and views on your entries. Nobody wants to feel as if they’re speaking into the void, particularly if the goal is not only to write, but to use those posts to generate business, in the end. Read on to learn more about how you can get your blog content in front of the people who both need and want to see it.

Set Yourself Apart from the Crowd

“Even if the blog is relevant and the content is great, in a world of rapid-fire of competing messages from millions of companies, it still doesn’t get the attention it deserves.” There are countless websites and blogs out there, all vying for the top spots in Google in order to get in the hands, so to speak, of your target audience. Those efforts begin with social media marketing.

We’ve talked at length about various social media marketing strategies, but using them to promote your blog content specifically is a route in and of itself. One of the best tactics to use on these platforms, then, is to “run a contest.” Offering a reward for those who read your content is a very compelling reason for them to do so. Everyone loves to get things for free, or close to it, so craft some kind of contest where this is possible. Just don’t forget to include your blog in the planning, since this is the whole point!

Speaking of your blog… make sure that what you’re ‘giving away’ is “valuable content.” If it isn’t relevant at all to the people you’re trying to hook, then… well, why would they want to take the time to read through it? Even if you aren’t sure what valuable content looks like yet, you can find out by trying different kinds of formats and seeing which is the most popular. For example: lists, videos, paragraphs, visuals. You’ll know before too long which clicks with people!

Use Blog Content to Build Trust

On the subject of visuals: use them. We are visual creatures by nature and love to look at charts, graphs, pictures, and more. You don’t want to overload your worded content with them, of course, but peppering them in every so often is a great way to keep things variable and interesting. Don’t be afraid to make your own infographics, too, to say what you’re saying in a different way!

If you find yourself really wanting an extra boost and you have some money to spend, then you should really consider an ad (Facebook in particular). “The level of targeting and reach is excellent” as you can be very specific about who you would like to see the ad. Also, they’re known to be very affordable, so you can have some flexibility in what you buy and assurance that it will bring at least some level of encouraging results.

Finally, the problem with your low readership may be that you don’t seem ‘trustworthy.’ Your blog content should encourage communication, questions, discussion, and comments. If people begin to get active, then you should always respond. Once you seem more like a real person than a commercial, business-minded machine, they will open up to you and, with time, develop that trust. You will seem to them to have a personality, shaping your blog as a part of the work of a human being, and they will (whether they’re aware of it or not) be more open to doing business.

If you want to help people to find and read your blog content but have been having some trouble thus far, then get in touch with Eyler Creative. We will work with you to develop and execute a marketing strategy tailored specifically to your business’s needs.


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