Blog Content Tools to Ease the Experience

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Blog Content Tools to Ease the Experience

We’ve talked a handful of times about how difficult it can be not only to keep up a regular blogging habit, but also to think constantly of new subjects on which to write. “57% of B2B marketers say that producing content consistently is their biggest struggle.” That’s over half of people who admit that they have enormous difficulty in writing frequently, even if it’s proven to boost analytics results. Take comfort in the fact that you’re far from the only one with this problem and read on for some tips in how to generate more ideas for blog content than ever.

What Are Some Current, Popular Subjects?

The web these days is a source of endless aid to you if you know where to look. Online resources can help you to figure out subjects to write on, and quickly. Once you find a good source for this, you’ll have a tool that can help you sail smoothly through the world of blogging for a long time.

One such resource is BuzzSumo. A lot of bloggers, particularly those who put out a lot of content every week, use this site in order to generate blog content. It may seem as if some of these people just come up with brilliant ideas off the top of their heads, but this is rarely the case. Nobody can come up with winning concepts every single time! That’s where something like BuzzSumo comes in. This site not only gives you a leg up on some ideas, but it can also “tell you the number of shares and social engagements content receives and show you top trending content,” among other things. Take a look around and see what kind of content is popular right now!

HubSpot, another website, has a “blog topic generator,” which is exactly the sort of thing we’re talking about. This easy-to-use site offers you five things to write about based off the word or words you input. You really couldn’t ask for a quicker and simpler way to have subject ideas dropped into your lap.

Drum up Dozens of Blog Content Concepts

Alltop “is basically a news aggregator that lets you know what’s happening online.” This source for “hot topics” lists some of the biggest current stories, things that are trending, and, by extension, news that will be perfect for you to write about. There are a lot of different kinds of content, so though it may take a little more time to hunt through and pick something that is relevant to your business, there is also a lot to choose from. You aren’t limited to one or two lackluster sources and can instead sift through things that relate to your work, but which are also interesting and engaging.

A site that works as a simpler model of BuzzSumo, above, is Portent’s Content Idea Generator. This tool will provide you with a “click-worthy blog title,” which is a great starting point for writing content. Also, considering how important it is to hook your readers in the title and introduction, beginning with a strong title will help you to snag their attention.

Finally, a last resource that you can consider for your blog work is UberSuggest. “Enter a keyword, and UberSuggest will supply you with dozens, and sometimes hundreds, of phrases that include your keyword.” It can’t get much easier than that (though, unfortunately, you still have to write up the post yourself). Still, getting some phrases centered around your subject is a good place to start. If you’re looking for something that is both quick and simple, this is a good option.

There are obviously a lot of different ways that you can come up with solid blog content. If you need some help in generating content ideas or are interested in more writing advice, then get in touch with Eyler Creative. We will work with you to develop and execute a marketing strategy tailored specifically to your business’s needs.


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