Content Amplification to Boost Reach

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Content Amplification to Boost Reach

You practice good content marketing strategy. You write regularly and strive to get that information out in front of your target audience. Still, you’re not seeing the numbers you want, and in reports, your reach isn’t particularly great. What can you do to boost these efforts and start to see the results you want? Have you ever heard of the term “content amplification?”

Capitalize on Their Interests

Put simply, content amplification strategy involves “tactics that ensure your content attracts shares and links.” Of course, you also want to do this without breaking the bank, so where do you begin?

“The first step to amplifying your reach is to create content people are genuinely interested in.” That should be a given at this point. People are more likely to read, share, and interact with content that they have some level of interest in already. It’s true that most people also like to learn new things, but presenting them with a subject that they’re already familiar with gives you a quick in. In addition, “content that includes original research” is proven to get big returns because (assuming it’s on a favored topic, as mentioned above) it “provide readers with in-depth insight on a topic.”

Similarly, people like to pour over guides. Whether you’ve written a piece on how to cook the perfect burger or an explanation as to how solar power really works, informative bits like these get a lot of attention. As previously mentioned, people like to learn new things, and as long as you can convey these concepts in a fairly straightforward way, they’ll drink it up. Utilize what you know, what you enjoy, what you’re good at to create something interesting for your readers. This is what content amplification is all about!

Trends Aid in Content Amplification

Within your industry, make sure to take note of trends as they come and go. There’s a reason trends exist, and though they don’t always last for very long, they often have a big impact for their brief lifespan. If you’re on top of things, then you can recognize and employ these trends for your own gain. This undoubtedly “is a viable strategy for quickly amplifying your immediate reach.” Whether you do the leg work yourself across social media or employ a tool like BuzzSumo to compile the data for you, you’ll be able to see before long what kinds of content are ‘in.’

Have you ever boosted one of your posts on social media? Would you say that you do this often? If so, you actually may need to be more discerning about what you put under the noses of your social media followers. Not everything is going to be the best and most interesting writing, so take the time to figure out what of your content is better than the rest. Get someone else to help you figure this out for an outsider perspective. If you push ‘the best of the best’ rather than all of your posts, then readers will come to associate you with interesting and high-quality content.

Finally, if you have the potential to reach out to someone in your industry with influence, then you absolutely should. All it takes is one bigger site giving you a shout-out or even just sharing one of your articles to boost your reach and engagement. There is a lot more strategy to this particular point than just “go out an do it,” but it’s a worthwhile endeavor, considering what it can do for your content amplification efforts.

If you’re not seeing the results you want, then don’t give up. Some things just take time and individual results may vary. To learn more about what you can do toward content amplification to get your info in front of your desired audience, get in touch with Eyler Creative. We will work with you to develop and execute a marketing strategy tailored specifically to your business’s needs.


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