Content Marketing Trends on the Rise

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Content Marketing Trends on the Rise

There are a lot of ways that you can become successful in your content marketing efforts. This is a double-edged sword of sorts, since it both allows you a lot of avenues to pursue toward success, but it can also overwhelm you with a lot of strategies that don’t quite fit your needs. Rather than having to sort through them all on your own, read on below to get a glimpse into some of the most successful efforts and think about how they might fit your marketing goals.

Be Both Visual and Variable

The first strategy is one that we at Eyler Creative often utilize for our own work. Creating multiple landing pages can help you to see “a 55% increase in leads when increasing their number of landing pages from 10 to 15.” This may seem like a lot, particularly if you don’t have multiple locations, but think about it another way: these pages allow you the chance to rank more easily for a larger number of keywords. You don’t have to just make local landing pages (though these help) and can instead make them based on various services, for example. If you can think of 10-15 keywords that you want to rank for, then you have the means to populate 10-15 landing pages.

Another piece of content marketing that we’ve discussed in the past is the value of including images, and specifically infographics, in your materials. “Infographics are Liked and shared on social media 3x more than other content,” according to Hubspot. People both like visuals and like to share visually-appealing things with others, so it makes sense that this type of material would help to get a lot of attention for your content. The simpler things are, the better, and infographics are one of the best ways to convey information in an easy and appealing way.

Don’t Be Overwhelmed by Content Marketing Options

For similar reasons to why infographic-laden content marketing is sound, utilizing videos can do similar good for you. Videos in your content have the same appeal as static images, but it’s boosted by the amount of things you can do in video that you can’t achieve in a simple image. For example, the inclusion of sound, time in which to present multiple concepts, and so much more. Experts have estimated that “global Internet traffic from videos will make up 80% of all Internet traffic by 2019,” so this is the perfect time to get on the bandwagon if you haven’t already.

Finally, don’t be afraid of what’s called “content curation,” or sharing others’ resources within your own domain. This is obviously not the same as blatant plagiarism, and so you need to make sure you’re going about the process the right way before you fill your posts and pages with the words of others. As an example of how pervasive this type of content marketing is, though, know that “only 5% of marketers worldwide never share other organization’s content, while nearly 1/3 share blogs, industry publications, or other resources on a daily basis.” It’s all a matter of what you choose to share and how you go about sharing it with your audience.

There is a lot to content marketing that you may have never considered. If one of the above tactics has sparked your interest, then get in touch with Eyler Creative. We will work with you to develop and execute a marketing strategy tailored specifically to your business’s needs.


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