Target Audience Analysis via Comments (and More)

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Target Audience Analysis via Comments (and More)

Would you say that you know your audience? If you’re writing a blog with the intention of producing content that results in conversions, then you should at least be aiming for this. Without a solid understanding of who your target audience is within your content, your writing won’t be working up to its maximum potential.

How to Hone in on Your Target Audience

It would be hard to tailor content to an audience if you didn’t know anything about them. That’s why you have to figure out exactly the identity of those visitors and readers. “If you know a lot about your audience, it will be much easier to adapt” to them, so learn how to begin “analyzing” your target audience in order to accomplish this task.

To begin, make sure that you’re using Google Analytics for your website. Google provides an enormous service here, laying out exactly the kind of information that you need in order to pin down the kind of people that are coming to your site and reading your content. “Google Analytics will tell you at what time a day your audience is on your site; where they’re from (at least from which country); which pages they like most and whether they use a desktop or a mobile device.” All of this is critical and can give you key insights into which of your pages, posts, and content are the most popular with different types of people. This will help you shape your site (and blog) in the future.

Google Analytics can bring you information about your website, but what if you want to know who your audience is on social media? Facebook Insights, as an example, can bring that data to you. Look at your post responses, shares, and likes, and determine what has been the most (and least) successful. Other platforms have similar features, so for whichever social media accounts you’d like to analyze, make sure that you check these “insights” every so often.

“Please Fill out Our Form”

For a tool that you can use within your own site, try creating and implementing a survey. Online questionnaires can be filled with whatever questions you want to get the most helpful data. There are dozens of sites that offer features  like this for you to use (we like Wufoo for all of our survey needs) so look through their benefits and plans to choose one that works for your goals. Once you’ve created a survey and added it into your site, you may want to consider adding an incentive for filling it out… since many  people don’t want to take the time, particularly if it’s longer or if all the fields are required.

You may have comments turned off on your blog for one reason or another, but if you have an established readership, this could be a good way to gain insights about your target audience. Make sure that you have a solid spam blocker and then turn comments on, if only for a while. What is it that they’re talking about? If you’re not getting anything helpful on your site alone, don’t forget about social media, where people are much more active in their commenting. Here, you’re sure to get a good sense of the kind of people who are engaging with your content.

“All the different ways of analyzing your audience do add value in their own way.” Try out some of the above suggestions and see what you end up with. To get some help in figuring out your target audience and engaging with them, get in touch with Eyler Creative. We will work with you to develop and execute a marketing strategy tailored specifically to your business’s needs.


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