Updating Blog Posts Boosts SEO Results

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Updating Blog Posts Boosts SEO Results

Most bloggers, myself include, create post after post, week after week, and after sharing those posts, leave them to gather dust in the archives of the blog. However, updating blog posts, however old, can actually do a lot of good for your SEO and other successes. It will never have quite the same results as that first time you present a really successful post, but there are certainly benefits to be found with this strategy.

Find Your Most Engaging Content

Without having ventured into this territory before, you might be dubious about updating blog posts. You may worry that no one will see the changes you make, or that those edits won’t have any effect. However, one of the most important concepts to remember here is that “Google values freshness.” That’s part of why blogging is so important in the first place; the more you add new, quality content to your site, the more Google likes it. It’s the same with updating blog posts: those updates bump the date up to a more recent marker, indicating to search engines that there is something of value there that has gotten some “current” touches.

Once you’ve made a commitment to update some older blogs, the next logical question is “which posts should you update?” You might first think of those that have garnered the most success, the highest amount of views, the most attention and engagement in general. This is the right move, since these are obviously already doing something right, and those previously-engaged users will return to see what you’ve added to content to which they’ve already ascribed value.

Another big winner beyond just your “high-trafficked posts” are posts that are both successful and seasonal. For example, writing about spring fashion trends will be relevant every single year as those trends change. You could make this into an ongoing series or simply update one “master post” with current fashions of the season and a list of past trends. Or, as another example, you might write a post about “the holiday season’s hottest tech gifts,” another subject on which you could expand and edit with each passing year. There are a lot of viable options here!

Increase Relevancy by Updating Blog Posts

If you aren’t sure how to tell which of your past posts performed the best, take a look at sites like Buzzsumo, which offers you data like total shares and engagement on the social media of your choosing. It also has other search functions that can make it a breeze to identify which posts warrant some new material.

Updating blog posts begins with searching to see what you can add, of value, to those old write-ups. Whether the original post was from a few months ago or a few years ago, there’s bound to be more modern data that you can incorporate in an update. It doesn’t have to be a complete rewrite, or enough to fill an entirely new post, but do some searching and you may be pleasantly surprised to find that there is, in fact, some more recent information on which you can write.

There is more that goes into making older posts relevant for today that most people realize. Though it can be a bit of a process to determine which posts should get more attention and what to add to those posts, once you figure it out, you’ll have a time-tested method to boost your results in Google and more. To get some help with creating engaging content and giving older content a modern spin, get in touch with Eyler Creative. We will work with you to develop and execute a marketing strategy tailored specifically to your business’s needs.


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