Copywriting That Lands You Conversions

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Copywriting That Lands You Conversions

Back in high school, you probably learned about persuasive writing. It’s fairly self-explanatory: persuasive writing is writing to convince someone of something. But, how does this style apply to copywriting? That is, how can you use this form of writing to influence your readers and sway them in a particular direction?

Use Your Words to Get Them on Board

When it comes to business, persuasive writing is defined as “a process aimed at changing a person’s attitude… by using written words to convey information.” Essentially, you want to be able to wield copywriting as a tool that, ideally, results in conversions. In order to do that, you have to be able to employ some level of persuasive writing so that you can – naturally – persuade them to take the next step.

“Research has found that you have a very small amount of time to grab a visitor’s attention before they leave your page.” That means you need to come up with a strategy to keep them on your site that will work almost instantaneously. Right off the bat, you should inform them as to what your “value proposition” is. In or near the header, you should clearly state what it is that you can do for, or give to, them. You don’t want people to have to comb through your site to figure out what it is that you do! Rather, come up with a short and sweet bit that clearly tells them what you can offer.

So, you’ve given them your proposition, and next, they’ll want to know just what it is you can do for them. You say that you have a certain product for sale. Customers want to know what the benefits to them are if they buy your product. However, “most people have a tendency to emphasize features over benefits,” but you should do the opposite. Features are nice to hear about, but there’s no point in talking endlessly about them unless your customers already know what the end result of the product’s use will be. For example, if you are selling a computer, it’s nice to hear about its high-tech specs, but not unless you’ve already said that those features contribute to easy browsing, fast downloads, etc.

The Benefits of Very Persuasive Copywriting

Once you’ve clearly presented readers with the benefits of your offering, then you can move on to a discussion of the features. This is a good place to utilize content boxes, bullets, and other easily-digestable pieces in which you can employ your straightforward (persuasive) copywriting. “You also want to touch on specifics to distinguish your product from competitors and to add a sense of value.” It’s a balancing act, really, of providing comprehensive information that convinces them while also doing so in a simple and quick way.

Once you’ve gotten through those steps, you need to solidify your call to action. What is it you want them to do? Contact you via e-mail? Fill out a form? Sign up for an e-mail list? Call the office? Whatever it is, make it clear. Use text and a button to direct their attention and guide them toward whatever action it is that you’d like for them to take. Now that they’ve had a taste of what you have to offer, they’ll ideally want more and will follow up.

How will you know if your copywriting has been truly persuasive? You’ll see conversions! Of course, you can always do some testing ahead of time to see what others think of your presentation. Find someone who you can rely on for honest feedback and make the necessary changes so that your site and its pages get the job done. If you need helping putting together a compelling case for your product or services, get in touch with Eyler Creative. We will work with you to develop and execute a marketing strategy tailored specifically to your business’s needs.


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