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3 Ways Marketing on Facebook Has Changed

Marketing on Facebook has changed since it became available. When businesses first started using Facebook as a marketing outlet they did so by creating a fan page. Now, anyone can create Facebook ads and it seems there’s endless groups of people these ads can reach. While a business still needs to create engaging content, marketing on Facebook has changed because this content can now be shared for a specific period, to a specific group, in a specific way.

Creating content for your business’s Facebook page is one of the best things you can do, aside from a good SEO strategy. The number of users on Facebook is increasing exceedingly, and that means everything for your business’s Facebook marketing plan. When people see, and like, your content on Facebook that spreads the news of your business to more people. While its marketing is pretty straightforward, create content, run ads, and interact with customers, marketing on Facebook has changed drastically within the past few years.

3 Ways Marketing on Facebook Has Changed

  1. Fan-base > Likes – Having a strong fan-base is better than having two, three or ten-thousand likes. “In October 2013, the average Facebook post organically reached around 11-16% of that Page’s followers, Today that number is about 5%.” Due to Facebook’s organic reach algorithm, Likes no longer mean everything. Interacting, and creating a fan-base, is what you should strive for.
  2. Everyone Has Access to Your Business Page – Back in November of 2014, Facebook removed the rule that you had to Like a page in order to see its content. This is actually a benefit for businesses. If people are required to Like your page in order to view it, that would cut back on the exposure for your brand. Now that a post from a Business Page reaches only about 5% of its fans, you want to make sure that everyone who wants to see it can.
  3. Businesses Must Pay For Advertising – If you think your brand will get exposure from mere posts alone, think again. Marketing on Facebook has changed, and for the better! While most marketing has a cost, Facebook’s does too. Facebook’s marketing is extremely specific and allows businesses to target their clientele. “You can now specifically target individuals based on where they work, where they live, places they’ve recently been or events they’ve attended.”

While marketing on Facebook has changed, it continues to be an amazing marketing tool for businesses. In order to create targeted ad campaigns for your business, you’ll want to understand your audience. Who is your audience? What do they like? Where do they live? Creating a brand strategy and a social media marketing plan is important in ensuring that your brand is heard, seen, and remembered through out social media platforms. For more information on creating a social media strategy for your business, get in touch with Eyler Creative today. We will work with you to develop your brand, identify your target audience, and create your social media marketing plan.

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