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Create Custom Targeted Facebook Ads to Strengthen Customer Loyalty

Gaining new customers through social media is a sure-fire way to make connections – especially with custom targeted Facebook ads. Social media marketing allows businesses to interact with their customers like never before. With the ability to select a wide audience, custom targeted Facebook ads spread your business’s information across the internet. With over 25 million people logging in daily, Facebook provides an audience for every business.

What Are Custom Targeted Facebook Ads?

Custom targeted Facebook ads allow a user to select a specific demographic for their marketing needs. Since Facebook provides extremely accurate audience results, businesses can reach out to people in their target audience, thus creating new customers. Choose a location, an age range, and, with advanced techniques, even “remarket to people on Facebook who’ve already visited your website.” Custom targeted Facebook ads can really be molded to reach anyone a business is looking for.

How to Gain Customers With Your Contact List

When creating a custom targeted Facebook ad, utilize your email contact list. This will give you the ability to reach out to current customers through Facebook’s platform. Give your audience the feeling that they’re included by engaging with them through Facebook. Facebook shares:

Benefits of Using Contact Lists to Create Custom Ads:

  • Share special offers with your most valued customers.
  • Increase sales and loyalty from current or past customers.
  • Find new customers who are similar to people in your contact lists

Facebook gives businesses a way to engage with customers on a one-to-one basis. Creating these relationships with clients will increase clientele and business. If your company needs help with social media marketing, contact Eyler Creative today. We are a Baltimore, MD based design and marketing agency and are experts in the area of digital marketing.

Eyler Creative:

We are a digital creative agency in Baltimore, Maryland with an excellent team of marketing managers, creative designers, developers and programmers all working together with one common mission – to deliver the absolute best client experience and solutions to reach your goals. We’d love to work with you on your next project.

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