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How to Generate More Leads with Facebook + Instagram Marketing

Social media ads can be a great, cost-effective lead-generation strategy to incorporate into your digital marketing plan. When implemented correctly, Facebook/Instagram ads can have a high ROI with a relatively low investment. With so many other businesses investing in social media marketing Maryland, it should be an important part of your business’ marketing strategy. 

Due to their near-immediate results, Facebook and Instagram ads are a cost-effective way to supplement other long-term strategies such as blogging and search engine optimization, which can take a bit longer to take effect.

In creating Facebook and Instagram ads for our clients, we have compiled these five tips to help generate more leads with social marketing. 

Five Tips for Your Next Social Media Campaign


  1. Use Custom Audiences to Target New Customers – Optimize your social ads by using custom Facebook audiences. Custom audiences can include specific audience demographics such as geographic locations (i.e. states, counties, cities, and zip codes), sex, age, and interests. You can even exclude certain interests or locations to help further narrow your custom audience.
  2. Target Your Current Customer Base – Just as you can help find potential customers using custom audiences, you can also target current or previous customers through your Facebook/Instagram ads. Using information such as email addresses, mailing addresses, and social media habits, you can re-engage previous customers through your ads. This is a great strategy for presenting new services or products to your previous or current customer base.
  3. Get Quality Leads Through Custom Conversion Campaigns – With so many different types of Facebook ad options, the process of selecting the right kind for your audience can be overwhelming. We often recommend conversion campaigns that are optimized using a custom event (i.e. a form fill, product purchase, etc.). Essentially, you are telling Facebook to show the ad to people who are most likely to complete your specific action. The result is a higher-quality lead than you would receive with other types of social ads.
  4. Create High-Quality Ad Content, Including Video – You may have heard the phrase “content is king” and that is particularly true on social media. Since you’re competing against so many other businesses for the attention of your customers, you want to make sure to produce high-quality content that informs, entices, and entertains. Video content is particularly important as Facebook has started favoring story and reel content in an effort to compete with TikTok.
  5. Drive Traffic Through Custom Landing Pages – Ad content is just one component of a successful social ad. The second, equally important component, is your ad’s custom landing page. Using the correct call to action, such as “learn more” or “get offer”, will drive customers to your landing page. This page should mirror the look and feel of your ad and provide high-quality information to support your ad’s claim. It should also provide a single, clear call to action on your page that drives people to complete your conversion by filling out your contact form, downloading your guide, purchasing your product, etc. 


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All of these things can be a huge help to your small business’s Facebook and Instagram advertising. It can be time-consuming, however, to keep up with social media marketing. For help with your  Facebook and Instagram campaigns, contact Eyler Creative.

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