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How to Succeed at Visual Marketing

While good-quality content marketing delivers new customers to your business, visual marketing opens doors to new possibilities. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but what if those words were translated into clientele? With visual marketing platforms like Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube, you can engage the visually-driven to love, and be loyal to, your brand.

Is visual marketing as easy as putting some pictures and videos up on Instagram? Sadly, no. In order to have a strong visual marketing campaign you need to put a lot of thought into it. There’s nothing worse for your marketing goal than a bad-quality image or video. While visual marketing allows for businesses to tell their story, it is crucial that the story be told properly. Come up with branding concepts, take (lots of) pictures, choose the best ones, and then bring them to life. The marketing doesn’t stop there, though, these platforms allow for customer engagement through hashtags, contests and conversations. So, how exactly do you succeed at visual marketing?

Visual Marketing 101

Instagram is a great tool for visual marketing. Not only can your brand feature great-quality images and videos, it allows for a ton of customer engagement as well. Featuring your fans creates a conversation, not only about your brand, but about its audience as well. Using hashtags as a way to include fans is a great way to build the storyline surrounding your brand. This means encouraging fans to post pictures of themselves using your products and with your hashtags. Also, consider running promotions and contests. This not only spreads the message of your brand, but it encourages potential customers to join in on the fun.

Users on Pinterest want to feel great about themselves, their choices and their lives. This platform allows for that, as its boards range from recipes to home improvement to literature. Visual marketing on Pinterest is a two-way street, as users not only find pictures, but they share them to their followers as well. Brands all across Pinterest create boards with themes such as “Healthy Eating” “Summer Fashion” “DIY Home Improvements” and even ones that showcase their stance on social issues. This is the most important platform to ensure that you’re using high-quality pictures. With the ability to create a story, brands come to life with this visual marketing tool.

A platform nearly driven by customer-engagement, YouTube does wonders for your brand. Having followers that participate in your YouTube channel’s comments section is crucial for your brand’s success. This is a place to be authentic with your followers, while you should keep your brand’s message in mind, this platform is all about sharing entertaining, useful and informative content. This visual marketing tool is useful for companies that want to share information with their users in a more informative way. For example, Lowe’s Home Improvement’s channel is full of DIY tutorials. Keep in mind that while videos can go viral on YouTube, it is best to continuously generate content to gain popularity amongst current and potential followers.

Creating a visual marketing strategy takes time and effort, but with the right planning you’ll turn those clicks into customers. Let Eyler Creative work with you to conceptualize your visual and online marketing strategy. Get in touch today!

Secrets of Succeeding at Visual Marketing on Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube

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