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No More Tags for Your Marketing Strategy

A lot of people like using tags. Social media especially is a hub of tags: Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, Twitter… These tags help people to find more relevant content and to stay engaged. However, on your website, it’s not really a great practice. Not only are those tags not going to go anywhere outside of your

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The Value of Original Content in SEO Efforts

For those working on their search engine optimization in Maryland, you may feel like you’ve read all of the tips and tricks that are out there. When it comes to content marketing in particular, it’s easy to feel like you’re stuck in a rut and making little progress. However, you may not be fully aware

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Search Engine Optimization and Page Experience

Google is constantly changing the algorithm: what matters the most to get your website ranked highly in search results. “Some time ago, Google announced Web Vitals — a new set of metrics to measure websites’ speed and user experience.” These Web Vitals, as well as something called “page experience,” are now officially coming into play,

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Small Business SEO: Tips to Boost Visibility

For small businesses, particularly for those who are in the early stages of their marketing efforts, or whose past efforts haven’t produced results and who are now changing gears, it can be tough. There are so many digital marketing strategies to try, and tons of “experts” clamoring to make their pitches for plans that could

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What Makes Good Web Design?

Maybe you’ve had your current website for ten years, or maybe it just launched this month. Whatever the case, you may have some sense of what makes a good website, but may also have some questions about “what works” as trends evolve and change. Certainly, a website of more than a few years in age

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5 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs an Instagram Account

Instagram is a close relative of Facebook in terms of business promotion potential. This social media platform used to be purely for entertainment and socializing, but has evolved significantly. If you are not yet using Instagram for social media marketing in Maryland, you should be. Here are five reasons why you should be promoting your

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Improve Your Mobile Website

While platforms like WordPress and builders like Elementor make it easier than ever to get a “mobile-friendly out of the box” website, it isn’t true that you can design them for desktop and then forget about the site, even using one or both of these programs. While you’ll certainly be off to a much better

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Growing Your Business with Facebook Marketing

Instead of using Facebook just to browse friends’ and family members’ posts, harness its power to promote your business. Facebook offers small businesses a range of tools that can really help to get you noticed if you understand how to use the tools. If not, get in touch with an agency for social media marketing

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Why Optimizing Your Google My Business Listing Matters

Search engine optimization in Maryland is critical for business’ visibility online. Google My Business (GMB) is one method to improve business visibility, which informs customers all about your business. Improve GMB to enhance rankings and to attract more customers rapidly. But what is Google My Business, and how can you use it to work for

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HTTPS: Website Security and its Role in SEO

Do you know what HTTPS means? Would you notice whether or not the website you’re visiting is secure? Making sure that your own sites are secured is an absolutely critical piece of modern web design, and not doing so can actually mean points against your SEO ranking. The Necessity of a Security Certificate “HTTPS secures

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