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HTTPS: Website Security and its Role in SEO

Do you know what HTTPS means? Would you notice whether or not the website you’re visiting is secure? Making sure that your own sites are secured is an absolutely critical piece of modern web design, and not doing so can actually mean points against your SEO ranking. The Necessity of a Security Certificate “HTTPS secures

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Essential Linkedin Strategies for Small Businesses

Linkedin is a social networking site for business owners and working professionals. It’s also a site for freelancers, people who want to learn new skills, who work with B2B businesses or do anything that involves the need to network with customers and partners. Millions of people worldwide use Linkedin daily, so if you’re planning on

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Considering KPIs and Keeping the Plan Fluid

More than likely, you know what KPIs – or, key performance indicators – are. They’re used in marketing (on and offline) to help identify your business goals and to measure, step by step, the successes along the way. If you haven’t considered your KPIs recently, though, then maybe you should! How KPIs Can, or Should,

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The Complete Guide to Nextdoor for Your Business

All small businesses need marketing and advertising strategies that help them to grow. Being able to identify and reach a target audience is the start to building your online business. Knowing what tools can help or which apps to use is critical for marketing success. Nextdoor is an platform that customers can use to drive

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Google Ads: Getting Results on a Low Budget

Just because you have a smaller marketing budget doesn’t mean that you can’t effectively use Google Ads to drive traffic or sales. Small and medium-sized businesses can definitely see positive results from their Google Ad campaigns, but you have to know a few things before jumping in. As a leading Baltimore web design company, we

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Accessibility, UX, and Web Design

Accessibility matters. This should be obvious, but more and more we’re realizing that not everyone builds their websites with this crucial piece in mind. Not having a website that is ADA compliant means that you are preventing a part of the population – and a part of your audience, since they’re on your site –

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How to Write Website Content that Converts

There’s always an “x-factor” when creating website content that converts readers into paying customers. It’s certainly a process, but it’s one that can be improved and refined with the right company to help with content writing and web design in Baltimore. Read on to learn more about what you need to produce engaging content for

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Mobile User Experience Made Easy

If you have a website, then that site should absolutely be optimized for tablet and mobile to ensure users on any device can enjoy an easy browsing experience and find what they’re looking for. Mobile user experience, or mobile UX, is a key piece of modern web design and development, since most of your audience

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Why We Love Yoast and Elementor – Together!

We’ve used the Yoast SEO plugin for a long time to guide our page and post optimization. In the past few years, we’ve also come to use the Elementor page builder almost exclusively for our website creation. The reason we use both of these web tools is because…well, they’re both the best of the best!

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