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Branding is More Than a Logo or Color Scheme

If you’re going to make a purchase, are you more likely to do so from a company that you have experience with, or one that’s unfamiliar? “59% of consumers prefer to buy new products from brands familiar to them.” This is just one part of why branding is such a crucial component of digital marketing,

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Social Media Strategy - Eyler Creative

Social Media Strategy for Any Industry

The goal of a social media strategy should be to share content that interests and engages your audience. You want to provide something useful, entertaining, or both. Whatever your industry, you have to determine what is of value to your target audience before you’ll see success in social media. After you’ve figured that out, you

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BERT - Eyler Creative

Meet BERT: Google’s Update and the Effect on You

Most people not in the industry aren’t keeping track of all the changes that Google makes to its algorithms…but this is a big one. Five years ago, they released an update called RankBrain, which was their attempt to “better understand queries.” In short, Google is always trying to get a better grasp on what we’re

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User Testing - Eyler Creative

User Testing Helps Improve Your Web Presence

You already have a website, whether it’s an older one you think still works for you, or a brand-new site made just the other day. If you haven’t performed user testing to see how your (potential) customers use the site, though, then you’re likely missing out on some crucial data. Getting Started with User Training

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Web Design - Eyler Creative

Web Design: The Next Few Years, Artificial Intelligence, and More

If you don’t have a smart device in your possession yet, then it’s possible you’re not fully aware of the enormous role that artificial intelligence plays in most people’s lives. Even if you do have a smart home device, smart phone, or smart speaker, you still may not realize the role AI plays in web

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Small Business Marketing Plan - Eyler Creative

Putting Together a Small Business Marketing Plan

If you’re a small business owner, then you want the absolute best for your company. Unfortunately, you may not have the time or the know-how to develop a digital small business marketing plan that will help you to see the kinds of results you want. If this is the case, then you’re far from alone.

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Nextdoor - Eyler Creative

Nextdoor Provides Local, Trusted Business Recommendations

You may have heard of it, or have an account for personal use within your own neighborhood. However, Nextdoor isn’t just for gossip-mongering and free furniture: it’s a platform from which you can easily advertise your business in a way you can’t do elsewhere. Be a Part of the Neighborhood on Nextdoor Self-described as “the

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SEO Trends - Eyler Creative

SEO Trends of This Year and Beyond

It’s now close to the middle of the year. Have you done any research into some of the SEO trends that have become big lately? Diving into Modern SEO Trends You may have a tried-but-true method of earning your rankings and carrying out SEO, but just because it’s worked for you in the past doesn’t

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Internal Links - Eyler Creative

Internal Links: More Important Than You Thought

It’s easy to remember to cite external links: if you’ve used a source as a reference, then it’s imperative to do so for reasons of plagiarism. However, did you know that utilizing internal links is not only important, but that it can also bring more traffic to your website? Enhance User Experience: Incorporate Internal Links

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Copywriting - Eyler Creative

Driving Customer Action with Strategic Copywriting

It’s not enough to be a good writer. That’s certainly important, but it’s not all that’s required to convince your readers to then take further action. More than that, many marketers know that they need to work on the strength of their writing, meaning that the quality of their content may currently be lacking. This

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