What It’s Like to be an Intern During a Pandemic

COVID-19 has changed a lot for everyone, but for college students, our entire world changed in a day.  After being sent home from college in March, leaving most of my belongings, all my friends, my classes, and professors behind, I found myself taking classes over zoom, from my childhood bedroom.  All of a sudden all

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email marketing

Does my Business Need Email Marketing?

Do you have a message you want to reach your customers directly?  Email marketing and campaigns allow you to save money and time while gaining powerful information through data analysis.  By sending targeted emails, you can reach your audience, engage with customers, and help build your brand, all while generating analytics so you can see

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Social Media marketing for home contractors

Branding and Social Media: Tell Your Story

When you think of branding and social media, what comes to mind?  Branding today is a lot more than logos and advertisements.  It’s about creating an identity and telling a story about your company.   By utilizing social media, you can tell your customers (and potential customers) where you come from and where you are going. 

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reputation managment for home contractors

Reputation Management vs Crisis Communication

Most small business owners know that your reputation and reputation management means a lot.  But did you know that if you aren’t taking action to cultivate your online reputation, then you aren’t truly managing the online opinion of your company?  It’s more important now than ever before to respond to reviews and comments on social

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