Personalize Your Website to Increase Conversions

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Personalize Your Website to Increase Conversions

How well has your business been performing with conversions lately? If you could use a bit of a boost in that area, then know that working to personalize your website can really increase your success!

Identify Your Main Target Audience

“How can you configure your site to provide the most relevant information, products, and services to each unique visitor?” It sounds daunting, but it’s actually easier than you’d think. For example, think of ad tracking. Sure, a lot of people will say that they find it “creepy” that someone or something is taking note of sites that they visit and items that they buy, but that may not be how they really feel. Truthfully, a lot of us would prefer to have advertisements and other site content that is relevant to our interests rather than the opposite. After all, if you’re going to have to see ads anyway, wouldn’t you rather see ones that are related to something you know?

75% of people think so, according to a study by Shopify. As a result, this lends itself well to the concept that making an effort to personalize your website will help you to get more conversions than ever.

To begin, you want to ensure that your site is tailored most to your primary, target audience. You may have a diverse audience, but there’s likely to be one core group that you can identify as a “persona” of sorts. Whether that’s a gender or a group based by geographic location, it’s important that you know who is making purchases from you more often than not.

If it’s possible, then consider encouraging customers to sign up for an account with you. This way, you can get more detailed information from them without much effort on your part. Of course, this extra step means extra work for those people, so be sure to entice them with incentives like coupons and future deals to compel them to make an account.

Personalize Your Website and Beyond

What are some other tips that you can utilize on your site in order to increase conversions?

  • Have you considered offering free shipping if their order meets a certain price point? This is great way to encourage them to make that extra purchase, since their total without the free shipping may have been close to that mark, anyway.
  • Are you using pop-ups yet? A single one that greets them when they first arrive to the site is a good way to make initial, friendly contact, all while offering a discount or coupon if they, say, sign up for your newsletter or make an account.
  • Consider offering rewards to your big spenders. If someone with an account makes a certain number of purchases within a chosen time frame, why not give them something in return to show you care? This is a great way to increase loyalty and to please people who clearly love what you do.

Something you may not have really gotten into yet is customizing your other channels (like social media and e-mail marketing) after you personalize your website. For example, “when you’re sending an email, use the recipient’s first name in the message to get their attention. Use relevant content and promotional offers based on their shopping habits, demographics, and physical location to get higher conversions.”

Essentially, making a more user-centered experience will boost your conversions. You likely already knew that in theory, but try some of the above and see what it does for your business. If you need some help to personalize your website, social media, or e-mail marketing experiences, then get in touch with Eyler Creative. We will work with you to develop and execute a marketing strategy tailored specifically to your business’s needs.


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