Branding & Identity Design

Branding & Identity Design

Branding and identity design are the first steps of creating a business. You have the products and services you want to offer, but have you taken time to think about what your company’s story is? Creating a branding and identity plan helps define your business and give it the roots it needs to flourish.

Think about your favorite brand, is there a story behind it? What do they want to do for you? How does that brand make you feel? These are all questions we like to ask so that you can begin to see the picture as a whole when you are setting sail in the small-business world. By taking time to figure out who your target audience is, what they need, how you can provide that to them, and what story you will tell is essential and gives your audience a promise that they will have distinct, memorable experience with your business.

What is Your Brand?

The term “brand” has become one of those words that has almost propelled itself into the hallowed halls of business jargon due to its ubiquity and, frankly, overuse. before defining exactly what a “brand” is, it might be easier to start with what a brand isn’t.

A brand is not:

X Your logo
X Your tagline
X Your product
X Your service

All of these things are expressions of your brand – but they are not your brand. Here’s the simplest way we here at Eyler Creative define brand:

Branding is about the promise of a distinct, memorable experience. It’s about creating an expectation and delivering it consistently every time anyone comes into contact with your business, whether it’s the way your website looks and functions, your customer service process, the presentation of your office and – importantly – how you perform your services and the experience your customers have while interacting with your business.

Brand Discovery

The first step involves our team really getting to know your business, your industry, your competition and your customers. This involves meeting with you, conducting some market research, and really drilling down to the core of how you want customers (and potential customers) to view and think about your business.

Brand Strategy

Once the discovery is complete, our team will develop a brand strategy unique to your business. We’ll present what we feel the promise is that you need to communicate and suggest ways for how it can be expressed throughout your business operations.

Brand Creation

Your brand is the perceived image as a whole. Brand creation is the step where we create the story (or “personality”) of your company. How you came to be, why you want to share these products or services, and what they will do for your target audience. Through market research we will identify what speaks to your target audience and then we will create your brand so that it is rich and engaging.

Brand and identity design are vital aspects of creating a small business. Don’t jump in head-first, let us create your brand and identity so that you get noticed.

Identity Package

Once we’ve helped you developed your brand strategy and you’ve approved this direction, our designers will move into interpreting your brand characteristics in a more visual way. A standard package includes:


  • Logo Design: We’ll develop several logo versions to allow you to use it in a variety of marketing material – website, letterhead, business cards, online ads, etc… – we’ll provide these logo versions to you in vector format, meaning they’ll look great at any size
  • Tagline Development: a tagline helps to promote your business’ value and enhance its image – it should re ect your core values and communicate your vision
  • Colors & Fonts: choosing a color scheme and fonts for your brand identity create an impact on a psychological level (there is a psychology of color and fonts…believe it or not…) – colors and fonts not only help to make your brand image recognizable but also can create a sense of trust, excitement, friendliness – essentially, whatever emotions you want your business to be associated with
  • Style Guide: this is one of the most essential documents any business can have, yet many don’t have one – the style guide helps to ensure brand consistency and a uni ed marketing message throughout all the collateral you produce; from website, business cards, letterhead, postcards, brochures, billboards, online ads, email campaigns…whatever contact you have with your customers, your brand should communicated properly and consistently
  • Brand Guidelines: Once these steps are complete and you have signed off your approval on the logo and identity, we’ll develop brand guidelines for you – in the form of a style guide. This is your handbook for how to properly express your brand: where and how to use the logo(s), colors, fonts and just as importantly, how not to use them, in order to consistently communicate your message and brand identity.

When we’ve completed the branding process, your business will be ready to launch its new brand to the world. A consistent look and feel for all of your marketing material will help you maintain your brand, communicate your message, and attract new clients.