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Branding and Social Media: Tell Your Story

When you think of branding and social media, what comes to mind?  Branding today is a lot more than logos and advertisements.  It’s about creating an identity and telling a story about your company.   By utilizing social media, you can tell your customers (and potential customers) where you come from and where you are going.  And, along the way, you can build meaningful and lasting customer relationships.

How Can I Brand My Organization?

You can build your brand identity through strategies such as creating a custom logo, developing a tagline, and creating a style guide for your content, among others.  This includes developing social media and blog content that aligns with your brand identity.  In the age of social media, an important part of developing your brand identity is creating branded content.  This means creating posts that not only promote your product, but also tell your story as an organization.

Why is Social Media Important?

Having a social media presence is essential for your brand identity.  By creating and posting branded content across social media platforms, you can help create your brand identity and show people who you are as an organization.

Social media is essential to engaging directly with your customers.  They can see the projects you have been working on, and you can build relationships with loyal customers and followers and stay in the loop on what is happening with them.   These interactions, along with a consistent posting strategy, help to build and develop your brand identity.

How Can You Utilize Branding and Social Media to Grow Your Business?

One strategy we use very often for growing businesses through social media is organic outreach.  This means following, liking, and commenting on your customers’ and peers’ pages.  This can also mean messaging local businesses or loyal followers about promotions your business has going on, or just to check in and network.  By reaching out and engaging on social media, you build a foundation for business relationships in the future, and building your social media network of followers can even help you reach potential new customers.

By creating a brand identity and strong social media presence, you help your current customers connect with you, and allow for organic promotion and public relations to reach new customers! 

Need Help with Branding and Social Media? 

Does all of this sound intimidating? If digital marketing isn’t your thing, then allow us to take the reigns. At Eyler Creative we specialize in social media marketing, brand strategy development and digital marketing.  We are happy to handle your social pages and online presence so you can rest assured your brand identity is in safe hands. Contact us today so we can get started building your brand and social media strategy plan!

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