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Does my Business Need Email Marketing?

Do you have a message you want to reach your customers directly?  Email marketing and campaigns allow you to save money and time while gaining powerful information through data analysis.  By sending targeted emails, you can reach your audience, engage with customers, and help build your brand, all while generating analytics so you can see the concrete results of your campaign.

What are the Benefits of Email Marketing?

Email marketing can help you to target and reach your audience directly and engage in conversations with your customers.   Email marketing can help you show your skills by delivering examples of your work directly to your customers, and can help you gain new customers by sharing that information with them.

Email marketing can help to share your company’s story and news around your industry space to help develop your brand identity.  And, if you have a blog or social media content you want to promote, you can utilize email marketing to share that content with your audience and customers directly.

How to Create a Successful Email Campaign

Sending emails may sound simple, but creating a successful email campaign requires many considerations.  A great email campaign will fully engage your audience.  You should promote further connection with them through social media, or a call to action to contact your organization.

You should get personal with your audience.  Share stories and new developments about your organization, for example, so that your customers feel involved in your story and invested.

The average human being’s attention span is about eight seconds, so it’s important to capture your customer’s attention quickly.  You can do that by creating a compelling, yet concise subject line, as well as a lead and a first paragraph that captures their attention and piques curiosity.  It’s important to keep the body of the email concise and keep all important information short and sweet so that it is manageable for the reader and to ensure all important information gets communicated easily.

Need Help with Email Marketing?

Does all of this sound intimidating? If email marketing isn’t your thing, then allow us to take the reigns. At Eyler Creative, we specialize in email and digital marketing.  We are happy to handle your online presence so you can rest assured your online presence and email campaigns are under control. Contact us today so we can get started building your digital marketing plan!

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