Online Marketing Requires Establishing Trust

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Online Marketing Requires Establishing Trust

How can you convince people that you are an expert, or that people should listen to and/or buy from you? It’s easier said than done, though there are certainly ways that you can work on it. That might start with adding more social proofs, which are a key aspect of online marketing.

Establishing Social Proof on Your Website

What is a social proof? At its core, it follows the principle of herd mentality in which “the way people are influenced by their peers to behave in a certain manner.” Essentially, it means that you are trying to influence your visitors to make certain decisions and to quietly persuade them. The importance of this should be fairly obvious, but it may be less clear how you actually put this into practice.

One example is including customer testimonials. This is a fairly standard practice, but you may not realize that the frequency and placement of this information does matter. If you don’t have a testimonials section of any kind, then that’s obviously the place to start. Reach out to as many people as you can (with which you’ve had positive business dealings) and ask them for a sentence or two of review. Most will be happy to oblige! At that point, where you place them matters. Many people use a whole page dedicated to this, but that’s not actually the best practice. Instead, pepper them throughout the site in areas where that might push them over the edge to taking action (such as on a sales or order page, on the contact page, or next to a call to action). You’d be surprised what this can do!

Are you proud of your numbers on social media? If so, show off that follower count! Part of essential online marketing is using your current successes to springboard into new ones, and this is where that’s put into practice. It’s said that including social share buttons (particularly which display your follower count) “has the same effect as comments.” That is, if you allow people to see your influence on others and show off how much posts have been shared already, they will be more likely to follow suit. That’s herd mentality at work.

Tools of the Online Marketing Trade

You may have been too nervous about reaching out to influences, or you may have tried before and not gotten the response you wanted. In either case, getting an endorsement is a big deal, so you should give it a try (or try again). You start this process by “engaging with their content,” or commenting, liking, and sharing what they produce that you can stand behind as a brand. Once you’ve put yourself out there as a fan, you can ask for a favor for a favor. By, say, writing an article about them or at least by sharing and linking to their content, maybe they would consider mentioning you in their own writing. If you get that endorsement, then don’t be shy about it!

Have you been highlighted in local papers? Maybe even featured in more national news coverage? Even just someone online who is within your area of work would be a good idea for this piece of online marketing. These “media mentions” are another great tool geared toward establishing social proof. If you can say that you have been picked up before by others, then you seem to have more credibility than you did before. Something similar is if you can add any kinds of certificates or awards, such as Angie’s List, if you have anything like that to show off.

There are a lot of ways that you can prove your worth, and many of which may already be within your reach. Take stock of what you’ve done and who you’ve worked with and find ways to highlight that on your sight. You may be surprised the difference it makes in your bottom line! If you need some help convincing customers of your credibility, then get in touch with Eyler Creative. We will work with you to develop and execute a marketing strategy tailored specifically to your business’s needs.


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