The people at Eyler Creative are friendly, responsive, highly professional, and kind wonderful people with high integrity.
Angela Lamb Angela Lamb, MD

Angela Lamb, MD

Dr. Lamb welcomes patients of all ages and has great expertise in the treatment of acne, eczema, hair loss, skin cancer detection, and cosmetic treatments that make sure you still recognize yourself after leaving her office. She enjoys living and working in the community that she serves and considers the practice of dermatology to be the fulfillment of one of her life’s greatest passions. When you see her as a patient she will treat your time together as a privilege.

Eyler Creative worked with Angela Lamb in order to produce a new website to replace a more dated version that was currently being used to represent the doctor. The Eyler Creative team worked closely with Dr. Lamb herself to produce a look and feel that conveyed the approachable and friendly nature of Dr. Lamb so that anyone visiting the site could book an appointment with confidence.

We created a website that is both inclusive of anything a potential patient might want to know about Dr. Lamb’s practice and also makes it easy to find that information.  We made sure to incorporate branding elements that Angela wanted to maintain from her current site. Finally, we made sure to highlight the variety of ways in which someone can get in touch with Dr. Lamb or her office, or to make an appointment to be seen.

We are confident that working with Angela Lamb on this design will bring increased success to the business via boosted web traffic and, as a result, her seeing more patients than ever. Between so many photos that convey Dr. Lamb’s warm nature to a clear statement of the office’s mission, it’s no wonder she has so many people coming into the office to meet her.


“So many freelancers can be unresponsive and difficult to work with. I have worked with many over the years. I found Eyler to be the complete opposite. They are friendly, responsive, highly professional and kind wonderful people with high integrity. They are also very hard workers that are committed to getting things right. I look forward to our continued relationship.”

Angela Lamb  |

Angela Lamb, MD

Digital Marketing Services Provided

  • Digital Marketing Strategy Consulting

    Together with Angela, we were able to develop a plan that would highlight the practice more than ever online by generating a strong web presence and beautiful new site.

  • Website Design & Development

    From the first phone call to ongoing check-in emails, we worked closely with Dr. Lamb to develop a website that accomplished her goals for her online presence.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Angela Lamb's site is fully optimized with Google-friendly search engine optimization techniques (SEO). Their site is now easily indexed by Google and other search engines.

  • Brand Strategy Development

    Taking brand colors from her previous site, the logo development was an ongoing process that resulted in a simple, but effective representation of Dr. Lamb on both her new website and her social media accounts.

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