The new site helped empower their management and staff to take the lead in populating content to the site and keeping it updated.

Catholic Charities of Baltimore

Catholic Charities of Baltimore came to us with an immense request: to take their content overloaded website with numerous pages, subpages and unstructured navigation and organize it in a logical, easy-to-use fashion that was modern and mobile-friendly. By working closely with their internal management and staff, we were able to help guide them through the process of defining their content for their new website and helping them organize and prioritize their communications.

We took time to meet with their key stakeholders to truly understand their goals, what marketing initiatives were currently in place, and what additions to the site should be made to carry their vision and mission across seamlessly to the site. In this process we took a look at their site architecture, which was a bit all over the place, and provided guidance to streamline the user paths.

With a newly-defined content structure, we were able to then help bring in branding from their print, and other marketing materials, into the new website design concept. By making their “stories” a priority and showcasing them through out the site, we were able to help bring a concreteness to Catholic Charities of Baltimore’s primary initiatives.

With a website built on the WordPress platform, we were able to quickly train their staff and get them up and running within their new CMS. The use of WordPress helped empower their management and staff to take the lead in populating content to the site and keeping it updated. They previously used a different CMS that was not user-friendly and which caused staff not to update their sections of the site because it was such a challenging task. Fortunately, WordPress proved to be a benefit as staff members were able to update their sections of the site with ease and efficiency.

Digital Marketing Services Provided

  • Website Design & Development

    We worked with Catholic Charities to reorganize their vast and varying site content to create a clear and concise site architecture and user flow. We also implemented a modern, engaging design and ensured the site was easy to interact with on all devices.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Catholic Charities' site is fully optimized with Google-friendly search engine optimization techniques (SEO). Their site is now easily indexed by Google and other search engines.

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