Justin and his team have done a great job for us here at Comprehensive Spine & Sports Center. I have been a client for years. We have worked directly with Justin, Christina and Elaine on our website, internet marketing, blogs and social media marketing. They have been great and the results have also been great. I highly recommend Eyler Creative.
Dr. Neil Cohen of Comprehensive Spine & Sports Center

Comprehensive Spine & Sports Center

Comprehensive Spine & Sports Center is a complete facility for orthopedic rehabilitation, physical therapy, aquatic therapy, and chiropractic care. They have the experience to treat neck, back, and joint pain. They also offer Therapeutic Massage and Wellness programs, including for patients who have undergone total joint replacement and back surgery.
The staff at Comprehensive Spine & Sports Center has over 30 years of experience and has access to advanced technology to treat a wide range of injuries. At Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center they create a unique plan to help reduce your pain so you that you can regain your mobility.
Comprehensive Spine & Sports Center | Eyler Creative
We had been working with Comprehensive Spine & Sports Center on their search engine optimization and content marketing strategy for some time. Their existing website was a bit dated so we suggested a site redesign to not only give it a refreshed look but to help with their search engine ranking, lead generation, and site traffic analytics. In addition to a site redesign we discussed a more trackable lead generation flow so they could better understand which site channel was bringing in the best leads, and a customer feedback survey so they could grow their online reviews.

We spoke with the Comprehensive Spine & Sports Center team to fully understand what their goals were for the new site’s look and feel, who their target audiences were, and what their current lead generation flow was. We then discussed what was working, and what wasn’t, so that we could implement a solution.

Digital Marketing Services Provided

  • Digital Marketing Strategy Consulting

    We spoke with the Comprehensive Spine & Sports Center team to discuss their goals and vision for the new site and needs for a trackable lead generation flow. Taking time to fully understand their needs, what was working and what wasn't, we worked together to come up with a strategy to create them a modern site design and analytics-based lead generation system.

  • Website Design & Development

    We built Comprehensive Spine & Sports Center a new website that allows users to seamlessly request an appointment, learn more about the practice, their services, and easily get in touch. The site is responsive on all devices and links to their social media channels.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    We created a strong SEO strategy for Comprehensive Spine & Sports Center based on their services offered, and target areas and audiences. We performed keyword research to ensure that our strategy was all-encompassing and would speak to those searching for their services.

  • Social Media Marketing

    While Comprehensive Spine & Sports Center has a dedicated client-base, they wanted to get in front of a wider audience online. We implemented a strategy that combined content marketing and social sharing so they could reach that target audience.

  • Content & Inbound Marketing

    In order to support our SEO strategy, we created a monthly blogging schedule that incorporates their keywords and target markets. These posts are shared across their Google My Business and social media channels, both directing traffic to their site as well as supporting their keyword ranking.

  • Online Reputation Management

    In order to build positive online reviews, and keep any negative feedback offline, we built Comprehensive Spine & Sports Center a customer feedback survey. Once patients complete their appointments they receive the feedback survey in order to prompt an online review.

  • Email Marketing

    To stay in front of their target audiences, we created an RSS to email campaign that sends their audience links to their most recent blog posts. We designed an email template for them that is consistent with their current branding and that calls users to action to get in touch. In addition, to help build their email list we created an online email sign up form that lives in the footer of their site.


The end result was a bright and modern site that is engaging and easy-to-navigate. In addition to a new website we built out an analytics-based lead generation form as well as a customer feedback survey. We optimized the site content so that it could be better found in search engines and the site is fully responsive, so visitors on any device will have a positive experience. Whether users are looking to learn more about the practice, request an appointment, or learn more about their services, they can do so with ease.
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