By incorporating a strong call-to-action on every page, we set up the new site to seamlessly work as a lead-generation system for their business.

Cox Roofing

Cox Roofing is a full-service, certified roofing contractor providing residential and commercial roofing services to the residents of the state of Maryland, with particular focus on Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Harford County and Howard County. In addition to residential and commercial roofing installation and repairs, Cox Roofing offers siding and gutter installation.


Cox Roofing’s old site was a bit dated and could benefit from a modern design and layout. The site had a lot of good content but it was laid out in a way that was text-heavy and not designed with a focus on user experience (UX). We know how much aesthetic has to do with converting a lead, so we suggested a website overhaul with particular attention put on their local landing pages which are used for their ad campaigns. In addition to increasing ad conversions they wanted to see their website show up organically (and consistently) in search results for their targeted service areas. In order to address their concerns we put together a full digital marketing package which included a new website, heavy search engine optimization (SEO), a lead generation funnel, reputation management, and a refocus in their existing content marketing strategy.


  • Digital Marketing Strategy Consulting

    We took time to understand what was working... and what wasn't. Combined with our thorough knowledge of their clientele, we used this understanding to create a digital marketing strategy that included a website redesign, digital campaigns with corresponding landing pages, and proper lead generation.

  • Website Design & Development

    We built Cox Roofing's site so that it included all of the modern design trends that apply to their industry. From call-to-action forms to social media integration, this site is designed to both be long-lasting and provide users with optimal UX.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    We developed and implemented a thorough SEO strategy for Cox Roofing based on popular search terms with a focus on their target markets.

  • Social Media Marketing

    We worked with Cox Roofing to define and execute a solid social media strategy that speaks to their target audience and keeps them engaged with the company.

  • Content & Inbound Marketing

    Working side-by-side with our SEO and SMM strategies, our approach to content and inbound marketing keeps their audience engaged. By posting content on topics ranging from "roofing trends" to "DIY mistakes NOT to make," the site now serves as a resource for visitors.

  • Search Engine Marketing

    Between creating, managing, and reporting on Cox Roofing's Google Ads, we work with them to determine the best use for their marketing budget and then put that strategy into play.

  • Online Reputation Management

    Maintaining a positive online reputation in a world where social media dominates is imperative. We monitor Cox Roofing's social media accounts and online reviews and ensure that responses are appropriate and address client issues.

  • Brand Strategy Development

    From logo creation to business card design and a branded print package, we worked with Cox Roofing to fully present their brand online and off.


We created a new website for Cox Roofing that is modern and fully responsive for all devices. The design focused directly on user experience (UX) and lead generation – each page has a clear call to action and is laid out in a way that is visually engaging. Requesting a free estimate or learning about the services that they provide is easy and intuitive for users. Our SEO strategy has increased their keyword ranking tremendously, especially for their target markets. Their lead generation system is completely trackable, from phone calls made from Google My Business, to the leads gained on local landing pages.
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