The Cromwell Valley Elementary School PTO needed a rebrand and a brand-new site after switching from a PTA, and we were happy to get involved.

Cromwell Valley Elementary School PTO

The purpose of the PTO is to enhance and support the educational experience at Cromwell Valley Elementary, to develop a closer connection between school and home by encouraging parental involvement, and to improve the environment at Cromwell Valley Elementary through volunteer and financial support.
Eyler Creative worked with the PTO team in order to produce a website to replace the previous, out-of-date website that was used for their group when it was a PTA. The Eyler Creative team worked closely with various PTO committee members to produce a look and feel that represented the school’s own branding. Though a lot of different people were involved in the site’s creation, they were all able to come together to collaboratively gather their thoughts and help to craft a modern, usable website for the PTO.

We created a website that allows PTO members to find information with ease, whether that’s the names of the PTO committee members, the cost of joining, and other crucial details.  We made sure to incorporate their desired color scheme and photos; though they don’t have a logo, we still put together a clean and easily-recognizable identity that will grow with the PTO. Finally, we made it easy to learn about events by integrating their Google calendar, providing ease of adding events as well as an intuitive calendar for users to utilize.

We are confident that having worked with the Cromwell Valley Elementary School PTO on this design will make using the site headache-free and, as a result, they will see more memberships than ever. For any PTO, PTA, or similar organization who would like to be considered for the donation of a website, please get in touch today!

Digital Marketing Services Provided

  • Digital Marketing Strategy Consulting

    Together, members of the Eyler team and the CVE PTO put together a plan for the new website based on our professional auditing process, as well as their thoughts and hopes for their new site.

  • Website Design & Development

    Without a logo or defined color scheme, we collaboratively decided on colors, fonts, and a sort of stand-in logo. The end result is simple, clean, modern, and without any distracting elements, allowing users to quickly and easily find what they're looking for.

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