Folio Collaborative's platform encourages the conversation, collaboration and open feedback that promote real growth.

Folio Collaborative

“Folio is a community of independent schools that encourages conversation, collaboration and open feedback among faculty, staff and school leaders – leading to authentic growth in schools.

Folio is more than just tracking software. Our purpose and value go beyond simply recording and monitoring professional development activities. The myFolio platform is focused on giving faculty, staff and school leaders the helpful prompts, convenient tools, and practical information they need to improve classroom practices, ensure student learning, encourage professional growth, and stay connected to each other.”

Folio Collaborative needed a modern website to help inform potential partner schools and educators of their offerings, and also to provide a springboard for member schools to log in and interact with the platform. We spoke at length with the Folio team to hear more about their ideas for the new site, and incorporated their hopes for the build when developing our strategy.

We created a website that is built off a foundation of their branding, making sure that the colors, fonts, imagery, and more align with their company’s style. Beyond that, it’s developed with user experience in mind, so those wishing to learn more about who Folio is and what they can offer to faculty and staff. The website clearly lays out all of those details, as well as info about membership, so interested parties can read about the benefits without having to hunt for it at all.

We are confident that having worked with Folio Collaborative on this design will help them to reach more faculty and staff than ever. If you want to make sure that your business is getting the exposure online that you’re looking for, then get in touch with Eyler Creative today!


“Eyler Creative has built two websites for me. In both cases, Rebecca & Justin were creative, responsive and patient. As a busy business owner, making time to get my ideas and content together was hard. They guided me through it, showing patience as well as the right amount of nudging to keep the project forward.
The Eyler team is professional and generous with their expertise.”

Kristen Cooper  |

Unicorn of the Month Club

Digital Marketing Services Provided

  • Digital Marketing Strategy Consulting

    To best represent Folio Collaborative's platform and philosophy on their new website, we had to make sure our team had a thorough understanding of it all. We spoke with the Folio team at length to ensure we could represent them completely and eloquently on the new website.

  • Website Design & Development

    With their brand guide and site content, we were ready to go! The website came out beautifully, providing them with an online resource for information, communication, and much more. The final product is something that can be utilized by their staff and members for years to come, making their jobs easier than ever!

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