GeoLuxe Travel has over 30 years as a travel advisor, and have designed unique and unforgettable trips for clients around the globe.

GeoLuxe Travel

“Are you looking to book a truly unique luxury vacation? Would you like to customize your experiences to create memories that will last a lifetime? GeoLuxe Travel is here for you. Whether it is a honeymoon, anniversary, family vacation, group travel or simply a getaway, my passion is to elevate your experience. Get in touch with us today to turn your dreams into a reality!

We understand how important it is to plan a vacation that truly speaks to you. This is why our luxury travel agent works with you to create a fully custom vacation. Looking to book a romantic honeymoon in Fiji? Want to get away on a thrilling adventure? Trying to relax and unwind in a peaceful, private villa? If you are looking for a travel expert, you’ve come to the right place.”

GeoLuxe Travel had a website on the Wix platform, but was in need of a redesign to bring the whole thing in the modern age, in terms of visuals and functionality. In addition, they requested our help with social media marketing to get the word out about their travel offerings and services.

With extensive collaboration between our team and theirs, we were able to accomplish all of the tasks on their website wish list with ease. Additionally, once the website was ready to be used as a resource again, we started to implement social platform strategies and campaigns to increase engagement (and, of course, conversions). Since one plan of action won’t necessarily produce results on all social media sites, we made sure to adapt for the different platforms to ensure our strategy was sound.

We are confident that having worked with GeoLuxe on this project will help them to help more people travel around the world than ever. If you want to make sure that your business is well-represented online with a fully-modern site, then get in touch with Eyler Creative today!


“Eyler Creative has built two websites for me. In both cases, Rebecca & Justin were creative, responsive and patient. As a busy business owner, making time to get my ideas and content together was hard. They guided me through it, showing patience as well as the right amount of nudging to keep the project forward.
The Eyler team is professional and generous with their expertise.”

Kristen Cooper  |

Leap Day Media

Digital Marketing Services Provided

  • Digital Marketing Strategy Consulting

    Working so closely with GeoLuxe to determine the development of the website and to craft our social media strategy made it an easy process from start to finish.

  • Website Design & Development

    We designed and implemented a new design that would show off GeoLuxe's personality and services while also making unseen tweaks so it would be mobile-friendly and fully functional.

  • Social Media Marketing

    Once we learned more about the platforms on which they wanted to advertise, we could start building out the strategy for each of those platforms. GeoLuxe's industry makes for beautiful photos and fun content, so we made sure to include lots of image and text sharing!

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