I really appreciated the patience and personal attention provided by Christina and Justin. I never got the feeling I was pestering them with my disorganization and the details I peppered them with, quite the contrary. In the end, I have a site that engages people much more easily and has a more organized feel. Now I just need to get comfortable with editing on WordPress, but I know Eyler will be there to back me up if I need it.
Julie Shay | President and Founder of Good Neighbors Group

Good Neighbors Group

Good Neighbors Group, now a 501c3, came together initially in 2006 through conversations among three women about both the need and abundance in their community. The Good Neighbors Group believes in the power of grassroots movements and was created to connect individuals, support charitable giving, and help preserve the environment. They pride themselves on their agility in responding to community needs, and they rally their network through email and social media when a need arises, thus building a stronger community that can depend on one another.
Julie Shay, President of Good Neighbors Group, came to us looking for a modern site that could function as both a brochure for their organization, as well as a donation, and recycling database for their target audience. Julie had a list of organizations that they currently reach out to and she wanted to display them in a visually-pleasing, easy-to-navigate way so users could quickly learn where to bring items that they no longer had use for. In addition to an updated database, Julie wanted to implement one-time and monthly monetary online donations, as well as a place to highlight their business partnerships.
We spoke with Julie to understand more about their organization and its target audiences, and to learn more about how they currently organized their requests for community needs. We took a look at their existing site and reviewed what processes weren’t working for their overall organization and productivity.
The end result was a new website that is bright and welcoming website that has clear calls to action and thoroughly explains what the organization is all about. We built category-based donation and recycling databases so users can learn more about how their items can be reused or properly recycled and kept out of the landfill. In addition to the online database, we created easy-to-use donation forms that allow users to make a one-time or re-occurring donation. Overall, their new website is engaging and interactive and encapsulates their organization’s mission and vision.

Digital Marketing Services Provided

  • Digital Marketing Strategy Consulting

    Together with Julie, we were able to develop a plan that would highlight their organization and its offerings so community members can turn to GNG when they have either a need or abundance. We took time to dive into the details and organization of their desired database and worked together to ensure that our implementation would be effective.

  • Website Design & Development

    We created an intuitive and interactive site for Good Neighbors Group. Overall, their site is bright and welcoming and fully details all of the wonderful services they have to offer. It was dire that we built a donation and volunteer database that would provide users with a great experience so we took time to test out multiple iterations and landed on a build-out that would be easy-to-update for the members of Good Neighbors Group... and easy-to-use for their audience. The site is fully responsive on all devices and supports online donations as well as an online lead generation tool.

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