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Judith Blaeske JB Copywriting

JB Copywriting

“I’m a conversational business-to-business copywriter who’s also been involved in organizing events. I’ve not only been your customer. I’ve been an event planner too.

Let me help you tell your story with targeted content that not only informs but makes your reader look for more. Stories that start conversations and keep them going. I create marketing content that engages your audience and wins their trust. Your prospects become your loyal customers.”
After originally creating one website for Judith Blaeske, Eyler Creative was tasked with creating a new one when the business took a new direction. We worked with Judith in order to produce a new website to represent her unique experiences and the expert services that JB Copywriting offers. The Eyler Creative team worked closely with Judith herself to produce a look and feel that kept the company’s professionalism underscored throughout the site while letting her writing samples shine.

We created a clean, modern website that is both compelling to anyone who is in need of copywriting services and which also has the widespread appeal of a simply beautiful aesthetic.  We incorporated her unique brand color as an accent throughout the site, as well as adding photos where appropriate to keep the visuals interesting. Finally, we made sure to make it easy for people to find samples of her work and to get in touch with Judith if they are interested in hiring her.

We are confident that working with JB Copywriting on this design will bring increased success to the business via boosted web traffic and, as a result, her working with more clients than ever to produce copywriting pieces for them. Browsing this brief, but stunning site will give any viewer an at-a-glance perception of the value Judith can bring to any project.

“Justin and Rebecca worked with me – patient, knowledgeable, professional, friendly, honest. Result? A beautiful website! If you want one too, contact them. Eyler Creative is the best.”

Judith Blaeske  |

JB Copywriting

Digital Marketing Services Provided

  • Website Design & Development

    A beautiful redesign that doesn't abandon the unique touches from the last iteration, this new website shows off a simple elegance rarely found in websites these days.

  • Mobile-Responsive Design

    Every website MUST look good and function on all screen sizes. We wouldn't be doing our job if you couldn't easily view all of Judith's site content on your tablet or phone.

  • User Interface Design

    Want to read one of Judith's stories? Contact the writer about hiring her? Jump from section to section without a hitch? You can do all that without an issue because of thoughtful design.

  • Online Form Creation and Management

    Whenever anyone gets in touch with Judith via the form on the contact page, she'll be notified. Of course, the form itself is simple, clean, and easy to use!

  • Market Research

    There aren't many companies out there like this one, but we could take some cues from other copywriters to get a gist of what does and doesn't work.

  • Identity Design

    The neutral colors are broken up only by a striking splash of an aqua green. JB's style is classic, clean, and sophisticated.

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