Leap Day Media represents premier publications and niche media outlets for the arts and education worlds.

Leap Day Media

“For publishers, we are your advertising sales force, creating a revenue stream for your content-rich, affinity publication. Let us develop an advertising strategy for your publication, so you can focus on creating the stories and imagery that your readers expect.

For marketers, we are your gateway to potential clientele who will engage with your advertising message. Let us recommend an advertising campaign for your brand so that you can cost-effectively reach captive, targeted, consumer audiences.”

Leap Day Media is a company familiar with the world of print marketing, but they reached out to our team in order to reach a wider market in the digital sphere. We worked closely with Kristen Cooper to create an online presence that reflected the company accurately, as well as aligned with their branding and personality.

The finished product is a vibrant, visual, informative site that lets their audience know how Leap Day Media can help to advertise them in the print world. The site informs visitors of what it is that Leady Day does, who they might expect to work with, and their services aid publishers and marketers. The Advertise page showcases a number of their past works and partners, painting an even clearer picture of what it means to have Lead Day Media on their team.

We are confident that having worked with Leap Day on this design will help them to partner with more publishers and marketers than ever. If you want to make sure that your practice is getting the exposure online that you’re looking for, then get in touch with Eyler Creative today!


“Eyler Creative has built two websites for me. In both cases, Rebecca & Justin were creative, responsive and patient. As a busy business owner, making time to get my ideas and content together was hard. They guided me through it, showing patience as well as the right amount of nudging to keep the project forward.
The Eyler team is professional and generous with their expertise.”

Kristen Cooper  |

Leap Day Media

Digital Marketing Services Provided

  • Digital Marketing Strategy Consulting

    Working closely with Leap Day President Kristen Cooper, we got together a strategy that would allow for Leap Day to come out the other side with a solid online presence with which they could advertise themselves to potential clients.

  • Website Design & Development

    Once a plan was in place, we got to work building a website that would both reflect Leap Day's vivid spirit and personality, but also clearly and effective convey information to users. In the end, we were able to do just that!

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