Their team has been terrific to work with.
Lucie A. Lucid Advising

Lucid Advising

Lucid Advising provides coaching, consulting, & communications services to help institutions & individuals gain clarity. They are experts in fundraising, management, planning, and communications. With a client base from performing and visual arts to higher education, legal and community-building organizations, they have helped both large and small organizations gain a sharper, clearer definition of success.

We met with Lucid Advising and took time to understand Lucy’s business goals and what she’s trying to accomplish with the new site.  We worked closely with her to ensure that the site’s branding fully encapsulated the look and feel she was going for, while also serving as a lead generation platform for her business. 

Lucy came to us with an already-existing logo that has been used in marketing initiatives. We matched the look and feel of her logo and created a site that was modern, fully-responsive and minimal with pops of color. Since the site is not image-heave, we incorporated subtle movement animation into the site content to add some visual interest. With strong calls-to-action, the site serves as a lead generation tool for the company.

Digital Marketing Services Provided

  • Digital Marketing Strategy Consulting

    Based on Lucy's target audience, we created a strategy for the website design and development that would speak to her audience and call them to action.

  • Website Design & Development

    We worked closely with Lucy from start to finish, speaking with her at length about her vision for the website and any design directions that she wanted to pursue.

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