Eyler Creative worked with me to create a beautiful and powerful website that truly reflects my brand.
Shelley Brown ROI Mindfulness

ROI Mindfulness

ROI Mindfuless provides mindfulness training and programs designed to reduce impacts of stress and improve personal fulfillment in the workplace. Their mission is to create a more positive, productive environment, helping to foster a more focused, productive, and connected workplace where employees feel fulfilled and valued. Each of their training sessions will provide your team with evidence-based practices to cope with stressors common to the workplace like distractions, conflict, and performance reviews. ROI Mindfulness will work with you to understand your workplace culture and will then craft a customized and secular program aligned with your professional development goals.

Eyler Creative worked with ROI Mindfulness in order to produce a website from scratch for the company. The business is fairly new and, as such, didn’t have a website yet. The Eyler Creative team worked closely with founder Shelley Brown to produce a look and feel that matched that of the spirit of ROI Mindfulness so that interested parties would know exactly what to expect when booking a session with the company.

The only thing better than working with Eyler Creative would be to refer business to them with high recommendations.

We created a one-page website design so that learning more about the business, their customized programs, and then contacting them for more information would be a breeze for anyone.  We made sure to include a number of visuals, including photos that capture relatable feelings such as workplace stress so that there’s no question whether their mission is right for your company. Finally, we made sure to make contacting them easy, conveniently laying out all relevant information at the bottom of the page.

We are confident that working with ROI Mindfulness on this design will bring increased success to the business via boosted web traffic and, as a result, their working with more clients than ever. With the philosophy conveyed clearly on the site, it’s easy to see why people who are struggling with an unfulfilling work life would call on this fantastic company.


“Justin and Rebecca worked with me to create a beautiful and powerful website that truly reflects my brand. I reached out to Eyler Creative after reviewing their portfolio online. I wanted to work with a local company here in Baltimore and was impressed by what I saw on their website. It was immediately apparent to me that even though I had a relatively small budget, Justin and Rebecca led me down a path with the strategic grace you would expect to be reserved for a corporate enterprise. I was green and simply had no idea where to start. Through multiple “discovery” and strategic conversations and emails, we were able to craft a clear vision of what was to become my website. Rebecca was very helpful and knowledgeable in terms of direction with content and layout. Upon completion of my site, she eagerly and easily provided me with a tutorial and tips on managing my WordPress site. I found Justin and Rebecca to be incredibly responsive, professional and enjoyable. The only thing better than working with Eyler Creative would be to refer business to them with high recommendations. I am so happy with my website and look forward to working with Eyler as my business begins to scale.”

Shelley Brown  |

ROI Mindfulness

Digital Marketing Services Provided

  • Website Design & Development

    We worked closely with Shelley from start to finish, speaking with her at length about her vision for the website and any design directions that she wanted to pursue.

  • Mobile-Responsive Design

    We made sure to adapt each section of this one-page website to ensure it works well on every screen size. This meant making duplicate or alternate sections, in some places, so that they look and perform their best!

  • User Interface Design

    Whether they're trying to learn about ROI Mindfulness' mission or to get in touch with Shelley Brown, we made sure that her users could find what they're looking for.

  • Online Form Creation and Management

    Whether they click "Contact Us" in the site's sticky header, click the mid-page Contact button, or reach the form at the bottom, visitors can easily get in touch with Shelley about her business.

  • Market Research

    We took cues from the websites of some similar businesses and replicated some elements that work, but also used that knowledge to create a one-of-a-kind website for this one-of-a-kind company.

  • Identity Design

    With a logo provided, we were able to take color, font, and aesthetic cues and develop them tactfully throughout the rest of the page, making sure to stay true to the feeling that Shelley wanted to convey.

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