We are very happy with the Eyler team and highly recommend them.
Craig LippensThe Bergand Group

The Bergand Group

The Bergand Group provides compassionate, effective, and individualized treatment for alcohol and drug addiction, mental health, and related disorders. They strive to create a setting that is conducive to personal comfort and in a operate manner that provides respect for the individuality and dignity of both patients and providers. The Bergand Group’s goal is to help each patient and family member reach an improvement in their physical, mental, and emotional well-being through evidenced based practices.


The Bergand Group was a new company without an existing website. Eyler Creative stepped in to help formulate their online brand presence, organize content, create social media pages, develop a digital marketing plan, and more. Our ultimate goal in promoting them online was to help connect the greater Baltimore community with professional addiction recovery aid.


  • Digital Marketing Strategy Consulting

    We work closely with The Bergand Group to tailor their evolving digital marketing strategies based on their current needs and focus areas.

  • Website Design & Development

    The new website had to match their previous branding and to showcase their breadth of services in order to easily help potential clients to find the information that they need.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    SEO is a huge part of The Bergand Group's digital strategy. From creating pages for each service to blogging about various addiction and mental health-related subjects, we have seen incredible success with their keyword rankings.

  • Content & Inbound Marketing

    Eight blog posts a month is more than most companies produce, but it's crucial for The Bergand Group in order to maintain their rankings. Our content marketing has brought them to the #1 spot within Google's rankings for dozens of their target keywords.

  • Online Reputation Management

    It's important to have a good online reputation, but it's even more important for those in health-related industries. We've worked with top officials within the company to ensure they have a solid reputation management strategy in place.

  • Email Marketing

    We work with a representative from The Bergand Group to send out a monthly newsletter featuring a piece written by one of the company's doctors. This allows us to regularly get in touch with Bergand clients while offering insight into how they can help people through addiction and issues of mental health.


“We use them (Eyler Creative) at The Bergand Group and they are responsive, professional and helpful. Rebecca and Justin are members of our team and have assisted us with many of our marketing needs. They have educated us on the best practices regarding the internet and have made many adjustments to our website. We are very happy with the Eyler team and highly recommend them.”

Craig Lippens  |

The Bergand Group


We designed a website for The Bergand Group that allowed for easy navigation to their many services and generated trust in their would-be patients by providing all the information and credentials they could want or need. Our SEO efforts over time have helped The Bergand Group to see incredible growth within Google’s rankings, seating them comfortably at the top of search results for over two dozens of their chosen keywords. Finally, our regular content market helped to establish – and continue to develop – their position as an industry expert on their website and on various social media platforms.
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