We upgraded Tim Kyle Electric’s website so that the experience of looking into their services would be easier and more visually appealing than ever.

Tim Kyle Electrical Service

Tim Kyle Electric is an electrical service company that has been working in Maryland since 1986. They are known for their responsive, trusted and professional electrical services, specializing also in home security systems, lighting, ceiling fans, and much more.


Tim Kyle Electric didn’t previously have a well-established web presence. Their site wasn’t mobile-friendly, their content wasn’t well-organized, and their lead generation process was lacking. In order to address those concerns, we put together a plan to give each area of their digital strategy a boost, creating a plan for search engine optimization, generating leads for new customers, and branding and developing their social media presence.


  • Digital Marketing Strategy Consulting

    We work closely with Tim Kyle Electric to tailor their evolving digital marketing strategies based on their current needs and focus areas.

  • Website Design & Development

    A brand new website means taking a look at the current site to see what does and does not work. Tim Kyle wanted to maintain their current look and feel - lots of photos and their brand colors - and so we found a way to incorporate all that in addition to some fresh, new elements.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    When you want to target this many cities and counties, you have to have a robust SEO strategy. Between solid page optimization and ongoing post SEO, Tim Kyle has all its bases covered in the keyword strategy that we crafted together.

  • Email Marketing

    Their quantity of blog posts and resources all for great emails. Twice a month, we send out these informative messages to their subscribers, making sure to include any promotions or discounts that the Tim Kyle team specifies.

  • Social Media Marketing

    From Facebook to Linkedin and beyond, we research current social trends and make suggestions to Tim Kyle accordingly to help them to see success on all their desired social platforms.

  • Content & Inbound Marketing

    With 14 blog posts per month, Tim Kyle has to have a content strategy that is very finely-tuned to make the most of all this writing. We carefully monitor and tweak the content when necessary to ensure we're getting the best possible results.

  • Online Reputation Management

    It's important for all businesses to respond to their online reviews. Not only does Tim Kyle reply to each and every one, but they've received over 500 reviews on Google (and counting) as a result of their thorough Online Reputation strategy.

  • Search Engine Marketing

    If you want to target the people who are already searching for subjects within your industry, then you have to go for a Google ad. We've put together a few for Tim Kyle to capture those who are already interested in electrical services.


We upgraded Tim Kyle Electric’s website, improving the user experience so the experience of looking into their services and identifying the call to action would be easier than ever. Our SEO worked secured them more places in Google than ever, with numerous keywords on the first page – and even the first place – of SERPs. We also put the structure of lead tracking into place so their leads can be properly accounted for. Finally, we developed a social media plan with an emphasis on content sharing in order to grow their Facebook presence.
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