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Writing Your Own Content? Make Sure to Keep It Relevant!

If you’re concerned about maintaining your business website’s ranking with popular search engines like Google or Bing, then you know how important it is to feature up-to-date content. Not only do you NOT want your customers or clients to read out-of-date information in association with your business or organization, but you also want to provide them with fresh information that can entice them to procure your products or services. Keeping your content fresh and updated should be a cornerstone of your content writing endeavors—and here’s why.

Content Marketing - Eyler Creative

Content Marketing to Increase Engagement, Drive Traffic

Content marketing and creation can be a tricky business. You want to post often, but not too often. You want to share your content across multiple platforms, but not all in the same format, and not completely re-worked, either. How, then, can you produce high-quality content and re-purpose it in the most effective way? What …

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Target Audience Analysis via Comments (and More)

Would you say that you know your audience? If you’re writing a blog with the intention of producing content that results in conversions, then you should at least be aiming for this. Without a solid understanding of who your target audience is within your content, your writing won’t be working up to its maximum potential. …

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