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Make Your Email Marketing Campaign Stand Out

Email marketing allows you to communicate with your customers in a direct manner. You can gain the attention of past customers, or even access potential customers for the future. You don’t want your campaign to come across like spam, but rather as something useful the receiver will appreciate. Companies that specialize in digital marketing in

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Why Good Content is So Important for SEO Efforts

SEO (search engine optimization) should play a large role in any digital marketing campaign, which is why finding a top-notch Baltimore SEO company is so important. However, most people don’t understand that SEO is more than just using keywords or fixing headers on a website. SEO actually encompasses many different areas of digital marketing, including

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6 Digital Marketing Tips

Digital marketing is essential to today’s marketing world. Any company that doesn’t have digital marketing in place is being left behind and forgotten. Here are 6 digital marketing tips to ensure your company is on track. You can also get more help with digital marketing in Maryland from us at Eyler Creative. Update Your Website

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How to Develop a Social Strategy for Brand Awareness and ROI

Nowadays, it seems like every business is on social media – and for good reason. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter provide an amazing opportunity to increase brand awareness for a relatively low cost when compared to other digital marketing strategies. However, when it comes to making sure your business is getting the best

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Considering KPIs and Keeping the Plan Fluid

More than likely, you know what KPIs – or, key performance indicators – are. They’re used in marketing (on and offline) to help identify your business goals and to measure, step by step, the successes along the way. If you haven’t considered your KPIs recently, though, then maybe you should! How KPIs Can, or Should,

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Accessibility, UX, and Web Design

Accessibility matters. This should be obvious, but more and more we’re realizing that not everyone builds their websites with this crucial piece in mind. Not having a website that is ADA compliant means that you are preventing a part of the population – and a part of your audience, since they’re on your site –

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Online Marketing Strategies for Small Business... in the Age of Covid | Eyler Creative

Online Marketing Strategies for Small Business… in the Age of Covid

Many small business owners are scrambling with what feels like a huge change in their current online marketing strategies for small business. From having to close down brick and mortar locations, to the potential of losing clientele and revenue, online marketing seems to have taken a back seat to frantic day-to-day adjustments. How can a

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Create a Small Business Digital Marketing Strategy for Success | Eyler Creative

Create a Small Business Digital Marketing Strategy for Success

Creating a small business digital marketing strategy is often the first (and most overlooked) step in a marketing strategy. We find this process essential in determining the success of a business’s overall online outreach. Many times businesses jump right into the marketing game – they create social profiles (think Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn…), make necessary

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Create a Winning Marketing Strategy for Your Small Business | Eyler Creative

Create a Winning Marketing Strategy for Your Small Business

Are you tired of not seeing results even if you’ve created a marketing strategy for your small business? Do you wonder why, despite your efforts, you’re not gaining new leads like you’d like? Many times clients come to us baffled because they are putting effort into their marketing strategy but they aren’t seeing results. They

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Small Business Marketing Plan - Eyler Creative

Putting Together a Small Business Marketing Plan

If you’re a small business owner, then you want the absolute best for your company. Unfortunately, you may not have the time or the know-how to develop a digital small business marketing plan that will help you to see the kinds of results you want. If this is the case, then you’re far from alone.

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