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How to Generate More Leads with Facebook + Instagram Marketing

Social media ads can be a great, cost-effective lead-generation strategy to incorporate into your digital marketing plan. When implemented correctly, Facebook/Instagram ads can have a high ROI with a relatively low investment. With so many other businesses investing in social media marketing Maryland, it should be an important part of your business’ marketing strategy.  Due

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Growing Your Business with Facebook Marketing

Instead of using Facebook just to browse friends’ and family members’ posts, harness its power to promote your business. Facebook offers small businesses a range of tools that can really help to get you noticed if you understand how to use the tools. If not, get in touch with an agency for social media marketing

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Using Facebook to Grow Your Business

Whether you’re a business that’s just started up or one that has a reputation and years under your belt, there’s no denying the value that social media can bring. It’s free to set up and to perform organic outreach, so there is a lot of value that’s provided to you without any cost. If you

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Setting Up Facebook Ads Should be a Priority

Thinking about creating Facebook ads? It’s a smart advertising step. Of adults who use the internet, nearly 70% of them can be found on Facebook. The social media giant’s platform is, therefore, a tremendous marketing opportunity for businesses. Even so, with many businesses posting Facebook ads on any given day, how can you ensure that your advertisements are reaching your target audience?

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Facebook Still Reigns as King of Social Media

Facebook is still the social media giant, trumping all other platforms in terms of number of users and amount of possible engagement. Other sites are definitely useful and can prove lucrative, but Facebook is still the place in which you want to begin in almost all cases. As a result, you want to ensure that

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Facebook Ads Can Help to Generate Leads

Everyone is on Facebook. Most adults, young adults, teens, and even senior citizens devote some amount of time per week to posting, sharing, “liking,” and commenting on this social media giant. For businesses, that means this is an invaluable place for promotion and much more, and those not taking advantage are losing out on a

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Facebook Strategies for the Holiday Season

There are only a few weeks until Thanksgiving, and with that comes Black Friday and Cyber Monday. “This is an opportunity to promote your business on Facebook and grow sales during the holiday season,” so read on about some Facebook strategies to enact during the next month or so in order to boost your efforts

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Facebook Marketing Doesn’t Have to Cost You Big

If your current goal is to gain more likes and engagement on Facebook, then this article will be of interest to you. If you’re trying to accomplish that for as little added cost as possible, then even better! Facebook marketing can be a little difficult to navigate, but there are ways to use it successfully

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Ideal Target Market Isn’t Millennials

There is always a lot of talk as to who is the best demographic to market to at any given time. Depending on the year, different groups are utilizing different methods (like online shopping rather than trips to physical stores) to make purchases. So, if you had to guess which is the “ideal target market”

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New Ways to Promote Your Business on Facebook

It’s always been important to promote your business on Facebook. Acting as a social referral tool and helping with your search engine rankings (among other things), Facebook is the top platform for marketing your business online. Whether you are concerned with getting more likes, or hoping for better brand recognition, Facebook now offers new ways

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