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PPC and Content: a Match Made in Heaven

For those who are trying to put together a PPC – pay-per-click – campaign by using search engine marketing advertisements, you may already know that it can be difficult to be successful. That’s because success is ever-changing in the world of online marketing, and you have to have a strong, but vigilant strategy in order

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Search Engine Marketing and Consumer Psychology

We talk a lot about blogging (content marketing) and SEO (search engine optimization) here, but what about SEM? Search engine marketing is another huge part of digital work – or, it should be. What Is Your Target Audience Looking For? If you’re wondering what the difference between SEO and SEM is: according to Wikipedia, “search

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Getting Your Site Indexed, Step by Step

If you’ve recently produced or launched a new website, or a website redesign, then you’re likely eager to get the word out about it. You want people to see it all over the place, particularly in search results, so they can admire your design, usability, and functionality. If they search for relevant keywords, though, and

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Microdata Contributes to Better SEO

If you were writing an essay (or blog post), you might use bold or underline to emphasize the most important parts. If you were reading through pages of notes, or a book, you might use a highlighter to set apart the most crucial facts. When making a website, we use something called “microdata” to do the same

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Google’s Newest Update: Will Your Site Pass?

As Google’s algorithms constantly change, businesses are always trying to stay on top of the latest SEO trends. Google’s newest update, rolling out on April 21, will send business owners whose sites aren’t mobile-optimized running to their web developers. Google’s Newest Update: Is Your site Mobile Friendly? When your site is mobile friendly its user

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Branding Your Business’s Social Media Presence

Branding your business’s social media presence is an involved process. Most often it is a dreaded task for small business owners. Whose point of view should a business’s social media accounts be posting from, and how often? No matter how awkward it might feel, branding your business’s social media presence is dire for success. A

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What is Cornerstone Content and How Does it Help?

When someone visits a website, they’re looking for answers, but to what questions? Figuring that out is the main goal of any SEO or SEM specialist. To do that, one must understand the importance of cornerstone content and be able to predict the needs of the business’s clientele. What is Cornerstone Content? As Brian Clark,

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