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The Focus Keyword: a Focal Point of Maryland SEO

When writing and optimizing a blog, or constructing a local landing page, or just another any task within the SEO sphere, you need to have a focus keyword. This word (or phrase) is the cornerstone upon which your work for that post or page is built. Naturally, then, choosing the right keyword is a critical

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Optimizing Your Blog and Content Intros

Writing blog posts always sounds like a simple concept. In fact, a lot of businesses scoff at the idea, picturing something like the personal blogging days of yore when people would record their day to day thoughts on Blogspot and similar sites. Fortunately, blogging – or, content marketing – is not quite the same as

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The Value of Original Content in SEO Efforts

For those working on their search engine optimization in Maryland, you may feel like you’ve read all of the tips and tricks that are out there. When it comes to content marketing in particular, it’s easy to feel like you’re stuck in a rut and making little progress. However, you may not be fully aware

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Search Engine Optimization and Page Experience

Google is constantly changing the algorithm: what matters the most to get your website ranked highly in search results. “Some time ago, Google announced Web Vitals — a new set of metrics to measure websites’ speed and user experience.” These Web Vitals, as well as something called “page experience,” are now officially coming into play,

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Small Business SEO: Tips to Boost Visibility

For small businesses, particularly for those who are in the early stages of their marketing efforts, or whose past efforts haven’t produced results and who are now changing gears, it can be tough. There are so many digital marketing strategies to try, and tons of “experts” clamoring to make their pitches for plans that could

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HTTPS: Website Security and its Role in SEO

Do you know what HTTPS means? Would you notice whether or not the website you’re visiting is secure? Making sure that your own sites are secured is an absolutely critical piece of modern web design, and not doing so can actually mean points against your SEO ranking. The Necessity of a Security Certificate “HTTPS secures

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Small Businesses SEO: Maximize Your Reach

The pandemic isn’t only a major health emergency; it has greatly affected small businesses. Brick and mortar locations are struggling to make sales. Some online businesses are also stressed. Thankfully, there are ways to get back on track. Small business SEO (search engine optimization) experts can help you gain clients and boost sales by developing

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Growing Your SEO During COVID-19

The world we live in today is completely different from the one we lived in just three months ago. We will likely see even more changes in the next six months. The impact of COVID-19 is everywhere, and some companies are starting to slash their budgets. However, smart businesses will use this time to focus

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SEO for Small Businesses

SEO is the Focus During Quarantine, Says Marketers

There’s no question that these are strange times we live in. Your business has likely changed in a major way during quarantine, and that has warranted many people evaluating the current state of their budget. If you’re able to take a little bit of extra time during all this to think about your digital marketing

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