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Get More Customers with SEO Local Landing Pages

According to the US Census Bureau, over 66% of Americans access the internet via mobile devices. When these mobile users search for services, restaurants and stores, results are displayed based on local algorithms and the location settings on their mobile phone. What does this mean for your business? Obviously, you want nearby customers to find

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Video Marketing for Small Business: Make Your Brand Memorable | Eyler Creative

Video Marketing for Small Business: Make Your Brand Memorable

If you run a small business you may already know the importance of making your brand stand out from the rest. Whether that means having a unique voice online, creating engaging content, or offering your target audience something that truly speaks to them, it’s imperative to catch their attention so they keep coming back for

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Increase Leads: Optimize Your Search Engine Results | Eyler Creative

Increase Leads: Optimize Your Search Engine Results

Out of all of the requests we receive – showing up higher in search engine results, having a great-looking site, increasing social media engagement, creating brand awareness, etc. – increasing leads is always #1, and this makes sense, as all of the above ultimately point to gaining more customers or clients. Increasing leads can look

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SEO Trends of This Year and Beyond

It’s now close to the middle of the year. Have you done any research into some of the SEO trends that have become big lately? Diving into Modern SEO Trends You may have a tried-but-true method of earning your rankings and carrying out SEO, but just because it’s worked for you in the past doesn’t

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Internal Links: More Important Than You Thought

It’s easy to remember to cite external links: if you’ve used a source as a reference, then it’s imperative to do so for reasons of plagiarism. However, did you know that utilizing internal links is not only important, but that it can also bring more traffic to your website? Enhance User Experience: Incorporate Internal Links

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Sitelinks: What Are They, and How Can You Use Them Effectively?

Simply put, sitelinks help your customers navigate around your business or organization website right from a search results page. These links allow them to bypass your homepage and land right on the landing page that’s applicable to their needs. Sitelinks save users time and ensure they find the landing page they’re looking for right away. By directing users to the best result, sitelinks promote streamlined searching, increasing the professional appearance and functionality of your site.

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Image Optimization - Eyler Creative

Image Optimization Is a Crucial Piece of SEO

You know the value of search engine optimization, so you’ve probably already taken care of optimizing your pages and their content. A big part of that is image optimization, though, so make sure you include images in your SEO efforts! Photo Origin, Size, and Labels All Matter Whether it’s for a blog post, page, email,

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Small Business SEO - Eyler Creative

Small Business SEO Puts You in Front of Your Audience

It may seem impossible for smaller businesses to compete online when larger companies have more resources to advertise, but it isn’t impossible at all! If you need some pointers in how to get started with small business SEO efforts that will bring in more traffic, then read on below. How Are You Presenting Yourself Online?

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Improve Your SEO Ranking with Small Changes

It’s the big question: how can I boost my ranking with Google to get to the top of the list? You may feel as if you’ve tried everything, but even after months and months have passed, you’re still not seeing the results that you want. This is where an internet marketer – along with the

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