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Keywords and Content Lead to Better SEO

Manipulating keywords is a huge part of search engine optimization and any related efforts undertaken for your business. To succeed in online marketing, you want to get your site to the top of the search results, and to do that, you have to be able to understand the role that keywords play. “Reaching this goal

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Effects of Blogging - Eyler Creative

Effects of Blogging (and What Happens If You Stop)

Blogging is crucial. You likely know this by now, or at least know that it’s an “important” piece of your search engine optimization. Do you know just how important it is, though? If you aren’t keeping up with regular content writing, or if you’ve given up the practice completely, you’re missing out on a lot of

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Boost Your SEO - Eyler Creative

Boost Your SEO with WordPress Technique

Is your website being hosted on WordPress? Many are! Unfortunately, a lot of people think that utilizing WordPress’ platform is enough to get them a high-ranking spot for SEO without any additional work or changes on their part. This is, of course, not true, and there are a number of steps that you should take

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Link Signals - Eyler Creative

Link Signals: Another Step Toward Solid SEO

There’s a lot more to local SEO and Google rankings than was in last week’s post and there is even more than we’d be able to write about in any SEO guide. It’s important to take some of the many tactics and try them out for your own site, to see what they do for

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Local SEO - Eyler Creative

Local SEO: A Beginner’s Guide

It isn’t breaking news or a surprise that the local SEO game is an incredibly competitive one. Now, though, Google is cracking down harder than ever on sites in order to bring forward the most relevant content when a user searches. In order to put yourself at the top of the list, or at least to

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Boost Your Reach - Eyler Creative

Boost Your Reach After the Site Goes Live

You have a website and it’s gone live. Congrats! Even so, you’re wondering why you haven’t seen an increase in numbers, whether it be visitors to your pages, clicks, calls, purchases, you name it. Whatever it is that you’re aiming for, you just haven’t gotten to that point yet. If you’re concerned because your site

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ray carlson- eyler creative

New Website for Baltimore County Realtor, Ray Carlson

Ray Carlson is a Baltimore County realtor with a “pledge to relieve you of as much stress, anxiety, and distraction as possible in what can sometimes be a long, arduous, and chaotic journey on the path to selling or buying a home.” Focusing on popular areas of Baltimore County, such as Towson, Timonium and Hunt

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The Law Offices of Rick Todd- eyler creative

The Law Offices of Rick Todd Website Optimization

Eyler Creative recently worked with The Law Offices of Rick Todd to optimize their website using the latest Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools and techniques. The written content of the site, including its many service-related pages and blog posts, was reviewed and edited in order to reach a wider audience of people who might be searching

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select glass- eyler creative

Select Glass Website Redesign

Eyler Creative recently worked with Select Glass and Windows to redesign their layout, optimize their content, and undergo a Google Ad campaign to best draw an audience to the site. The layout of the web content was constructed in such a way that it would easily highlight the many services offered and areas attended to

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Microdata - Eyler Creative

Microdata Contributes to Better SEO

If you were writing an essay (or blog post), you might use bold or underline to emphasize the most important parts. If you were reading through pages of notes, or a book, you might use a highlighter to set apart the most crucial facts. When making a website, we use something called “microdata” to do the same

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