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The Basics of Starting on WordPress

Website design can be difficult, but sites like WordPress make it easier. WordPress is a platform that powers 43% of the world’s websites. You can use WordPress for free to create a website or blog. One of the best things is that anyone can use it, from new bloggers to major companies. WordPress is even

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The Focus Keyword: a Focal Point of Maryland SEO

To craft a comprehensive strategy for Maryland website design and digital marketing, you need to consider all the factors. The many facets and components of online marketing make up a total and complete strategy, and without incorporating at least most of them, you may find your success…lacking. Content marketing, of course, is one of those

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What Makes Good Web Design?

Maybe you’ve had your current website for ten years, or maybe it just launched this month. Whatever the case, you may have some sense of what makes a good website, but may also have some questions about “what works” as trends evolve and change. Certainly, a website of more than a few years in age

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How Does Good UI Design Transform Your Website? | Eyler Creative

How Does Good UI Design Transform Your Website?

Have you ever left a site because you simply couldn’t figure out how find what you’re looking for? Tried to place an order online but you keep getting redirected back to the login screen? Felt overwhelmed by the number of options in a website’s menu? We’ve all been there. When creating, or redesigning, a website

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Web Design: The Next Few Years, Artificial Intelligence, and More

If you don’t have a smart device in your possession yet, then it’s possible you’re not fully aware of the enormous role that artificial intelligence plays in most people’s lives. Even if you do have a smart home device, smart phone, or smart speaker, you still may not realize the role AI plays in web

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Sitelinks: What Are They, and How Can You Use Them Effectively?

Simply put, sitelinks help your customers navigate around your business or organization website right from a search results page. These links allow them to bypass your homepage and land right on the landing page that’s applicable to their needs. Sitelinks save users time and ensure they find the landing page they’re looking for right away. By directing users to the best result, sitelinks promote streamlined searching, increasing the professional appearance and functionality of your site.

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Website Builders for Small Businesses

If you have your own business, then you know every dollar counts. There’s no question of your need to have a website, but you may be agonizing over the decision between website builders for small businesses. Luckily, you have a lot of options when choosing, so read more about the benefits and drawbacks to some

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Design Terms That Are Commonly Misused

Not everyone who dabbles in design is a designer, which should come as no surprise. Everyone has a range of experience in the field with a  range of understanding how the design process, and everything involved with it, works. Part of becoming an even better designer, though, is making sure that you understand standard design

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Website Features That Drive People Away

Ever wonder why your website isn’t getting the hits you think it deserves? It could be something that you’d next expect, chasing away traffic. Consider some of the following website features that you may not realize are bugging your audience. How Can You Tweak Your Site for Optimal Performance? Though you may love your website

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Mid Atlantic Youth Ballet Website Redesign

Mid Atlantic Youth Ballet (MYB) is dedicated to the provision of pre-professional performing opportunities for youth ages 4 and up. All students studying dance, regardless of studio affiliation, are eligible to audition and participate in Mid Atlantic Youth Ballet productions. Through MYB’s Center for Dance Education, students of all ages receive dance training from professional

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