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6 Strategies For Successful Blogging

6 Strategies For Successful Blogging - Eyler CreativeSuccessful blogging for your business entails more than regularly posting content that relates to your brand. In fact, in order to have successful blogging you’ll need to take blog posting just as seriously as you do the content on your website. There’s nothing worse than reading a blog filled with grammatical errors and run on sentences.

Creating a great content strategy for your business takes a lot of work and, depending on what type of business you run, can involve multiple people. You may want to include people like managers, retail staff, and those from your outside network in your blogging strategy, and this requires a lot of coordination. Your blog should always “showcase your company’s culture and personality while shedding some light on the products,” or services, “that you offer.”

Successful blogging doesn’t come naturally and it requires a strategy for most businesses. What exactly is involved with successful blogging for your business?

Strategies For Successful Blogging


  • Always write with authority. “Your blog should be used to help establish authority through content that adds value to your industry as a whole.” Write about what makes your company tick, and make your company stand out from the crowd. How can you do this? Blog about new innovations in relation to your field, always post factual information, and cite your sources.
  • Keep content fresh. Creating content can be challenging, especially if your company publishes frequently. Staying creative will keep users engaged. When creating content, think like your users. Write about what they want to hear, in a voice that speaks to them. If you are stuck and can’t figure out a topic to blog about, look at conversations on social media surrounding your industry. Run a bike shop? Post about the newest bike trends that people are discussing.
  • Post at the right time of day. Depending on your industry, you should always post when users are most active online and on social media. As a culture, we are constantly flooded with information on social media and it is important that you aren’t overlooked. “Try experimenting with different times of day until you get a feel for what that ‘optimal’ time is for you.”
  • Develop your company’s brand through your writing style. While blogging should taken seriously, it gives you a chance to step outside of the box. You can be a little more creative than you would for your typical web copy. Make your company stand out and create a blogging style that is unique and sets you apart from the rest. Choose a voice and stick with it, even if you have multiple writers. That’s not to say that your contributors’ writing styles have to be exactly the same, but they should all echo your brand’s voice.
  • Choose a frequency and stick with it. When you initially come up with your blogging plan you’ll need to decide how often you should post new content. For SEO purposes, posting regularly will increase the likelihood that your site will get picked up by search engines. User engagement also depends on the frequency you post. You want to give your users a reason to keep coming back for more!
  • Support user engagement. User engagement is a huge deal for your brand. Aside from social media, the comments section is a great way to start the conversation surrounding your brand. You have to be careful though, as spammers and those trolling the internet use the comments section as well. Moderate your comments section, whether through a plug-in, or by checking them often. Some sites also have users create “site-specific log-on and profile.”


Successful blogging helps with your company’s SEO strategy as well as user engagement. You want to get people talking about your brand, and blogging is a great way to start that conversation. Creating a successful blogging strategy takes time and effort, so let Eyler Creative work with your team to start the conversation about your brand. Get in touch with Eyler Creative to discuss your brand’s marketing strategy.

Blogging: Strategies and tactics for success

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