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How to Write Website Content that Converts

There’s always an “x-factor” when creating website content that converts readers into paying customers. It’s certainly a process, but it’s one that can be improved and refined with the right company to help with content writing and web design in Baltimore. Read on to learn more about what you need to produce engaging content for your website.

Titles that Grab

Captivating titles are where the conversion journey begins. They need to be attention-grabbing and relevant and need to stand out in an endless sea of other ones screaming for attention. When creating titles, there are factors to bear in mind:

  • The type of headline: Are you going to use how to’s, questions or lists? Each format has its merits, depending on your intended audience.
  • Word length and balance: Are they scannable (see below) and relevant?

Living Up to Your Title

So you’ve got your title, now’s the hard(er) part. You have to keep your audience engaged, and in an age of limitless websites and blogs, it’s easier said than done.

The goal of each paragraph, sentence and word is to get your visitors to read all the way down to the end of your article. You do this by making content that solves a problem or addresses a concern. It has to be presented in a way that’s unique while easy to read. If your content doesn’t live up to the title, doesn’t keep them engaged, then visitors will abandon your site.

Scannable Writing

By scannable, we mean easy to read. The way sentences and paragraphs are laid out is key to turning visitors into leads. People who visit websites are notoriously impatient. Few stick around for longer than 15 seconds!

To write content that is easy to scan, bear these points in mind:

  • Use Short Paragraphs: They need to be short to give the reader’s eyes’ a break.
  • Standout sub-headings: Think of sub-headers as content signposts. Readers should be able to quickly scan the page and find the points relevant to them.
  • Use bullet points: These break up text walls and stand out when compared to text.

Call to Action

CTAs give the reader an actionable task and usually appear as a link within text or button. Not only do calls to action get your audience to commit, they can also be measured and therefore improved on.

A call to action might be asking the user to:

  • Sign up for your email newsletter
  • Buy your service or product
  • A request for more information

Call the Experts in Content Marketing and Web Design in Baltimore

Content that converts is original copy applied to the right emotion. You have to evoke a desire for what you’re offering. By using the guidelines above, you can write content that converts your visitors into leads and into paying customers. For more info on blogging and web design in Baltimore that converts, contact us.

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