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Driving Customer Action with Strategic Copywriting

It’s not enough to be a good writer. That’s certainly important, but it’s not all that’s required to convince your readers to then take further action. More than that, many marketers know that they need to work on the strength of their writing, meaning that the quality of their content may currently be lacking. This is part of the reason why you should really take a deeper dive into the subject of copywriting and, specifically, how it’s being done.

How Good Copywriting Can Cultivate Engagement

While you may be tempted to outsource much of your writing, it may be that what you receive is decent writing, but not the kind of content that you need to see the results that you likely want. For example, it’s easy enough to ask a freelancer to write a page’s worth of decent, but generalized copy, but it takes well-honed copywriter skills to really dive into the kind of niche and targeted content that is necessary for conversions.

What should your chosen copywriter keep in mind?

      1. Their Written Abilities
        It may seem obvious, but strong writing is absolutely the foundation of any effective content marketing strategy. The copy should be simple, compelling, and clear. There should be introductions, conclusions, and transitions that smoothly bridge the two. There’s no need for the skills of a practiced grammar professor, but do read over the writing to confirm that it makes sense.
      2. A Title that Grabs Attention
        There’s a reason we’re so drawn to “clickbait” articles. If your title – or headline – doesn’t grab the attention of your audience, then it’s highly unlikely they’ll read further. There are a few different methods for capturing their interest, but the highlights are: they should be unique, brief, and suggestive of the promise of useful information for your readers.
      3. User Experience is Key
        When we talk about the user experience, it’s usually surrounding a conversation about your website. Your content, of course, is part of that website. A great copywriter should keep the user in mind when choosing keywords, blog topics, and titles. You want to generate content that is targeted for your “real-world” user. Focusing on SEO is certainly important, but users will likely not care if you included your target keywords in the meta description and alt tags.
      4. Content Grounded in Experience
        Freelance writing may be solid in quality, but it’s often so general that it sounds like the summary of the Wikipedia article on the subject. Specialized content is critical to keep your core audience engaged and interested in what you have to say. Whoever is producing your copy should at least have some experience writing about those subjects – or experience in the field itself – to generate content your readers want to engage with.
      5. “Marketing” is a Crucial Piece of “Content Marketing”
        The best copywriters maintain the spirit of content marketing – the marketing piece – while writing. Putting together more nuanced pieces that fit neatly within your overall strategy will help to bring your digital marketing plan full circle. This “marketing awareness” will make it possible for you to sow the seeds of the “sell” within blog posts that aren’t necessarily about a specific product or service.

Your content marketing strategy should change over time, adapting to new trends and audience behaviors. Writers who can help you to keep up and shape your writing because of that research have to be incorporated into your online efforts, so make sure you aren’t neglecting the copywriting within your digital marketing work.


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