Add Credibility to Your Website with a Few Simple Steps

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Add Credibility to Your Website with a Few Simple Steps

We’ve discussed before how valuable trust is within digital marketing, no matter what kind of business you run and no matter what your goals. “Without a credible website, you’ll struggle to get more customers and increase conversions.” It makes perfect sense, considering that people aren’t likely to buy anything if they don’t trust the seller. So, how can you add credibility to your website in order to gain (and earn) that trust?

What Does It Take to Trust a Brand?

Think about the last time you bought a product, something that was offered by a dozen or more different brands. What are some of the factors that influence the choice that you ultimately make? Reviews, probably, and presentation… along with things like price and brand name. There are a lot of details that cause a customer to pull the trigger or to choose a competitor, and many of them can be applied to your website, too, in order to convince potential customers of your worth.

One of the biggest is to cut back on the amount of ads, if any, that you have on your site. This may be a source of revenue for you, but it’s disliked in a big way by a lot of people, and can interrupt, or even ruin, the browsing experience. If someone is reading something on your site or just looking around, the jarring appearance of a pop-up might send them back to search results and away from a conversion. If you’re really not relying on these ads for your profits, then you should consider removing them entirely, which also then removes the risk of the above scenario.

If they do have a problem, then you want to ensure they’re able to express those frustrations. Some form of customer service, then, is key if you want to add credibility to your website. “If someone visiting your site has a question or problem, they shouldn’t have to hunt for customer service options. This should be readily available.” Make it clear where they have to go, or what they have to do, in order to get in touch with whomever handles these types of issues or situations. If you can, provide multiple options, like a form, online chat, and a phone call. People like being able to choose a format that they’re most comfortable with, and it isn’t difficult on your end, so there’s no reason to not offer those options!

Learning to Add Credibility to Your Website Is Key

Like your customer service information, general contact info should be easy to find. If not, then people may wonder why they can’t find your phone number, or why you have no social media accounts. You don’t have to have accounts on all different platforms, or more than one phone number, but you should have some kind of way for people to get in touch with you… and it should be obvious. Put this kind of info in the header, footer, and on a designated Contact page.

As mentioned in the beginning, reviews are very important to gaining peoples’ trust. These, along with testimonials from past clients and customers, are a good way for you to present ‘social proof’ to visitors. To add credibility to your website, you need to have non-company members offering their (positive) opinions on your work or products. Otherwise, the only word that your audience has to go off of is yours, and if they don’t already, inherently trust you, then it won’t be enough.

Finally, don’t be shy about showing off awards, accreditation, and similar badges of honor. If you’re on Angie’s List or rated by the Better Business Bureau, then make sure people know! This will give them a bit more faith in you and in your products or services, so its value should absolutely not be overlooked.

If you need some help boosting your trustworthiness online, then get in touch with Eyler Creative. We will work with you to develop and execute a marketing strategy tailored specifically to your business’s needs.


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