Digital Marketing in 2018 Means Glowing Reviews

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Digital Marketing in 2018 Means Glowing Reviews

How much time have you invested in the happiness of your customers or clients recently? It’s understandable that most people have other focuses during the course of business, but you have to remember that those who use your products or services have a much louder voice now than ever. Keep customer satisfaction at the front of your digital marketing strategy, or else you might hear from them in a decidedly negative way.

The Enormous Value of Customer Satisfaction

How do your online reviews look? Does Google – or Yelp, or Facebook – show you in a positive light? Some businesses will curate their reviews, hiding them entirely or trying to remove bad ones, but this is a dangerous game. Rather than “edit” the reviews that you have to present yourself in (perhaps falsely) a more positive light, you should make efforts to earn genuinely good reviews. Create a positive customer experience both on and offline and you will see the results.

It’s true that people are more likely to complain than to compliment, more likely to go out of their way to post a negative review than a positive one, but that doesn’t mean the effort isn’t worthwhile. You can offer small rewards for posting positive reviews online, such as entering their name into a drawing or giving them a coupon after they post. “Potential buyers care less about what you have to say about yourself, and more than ever about what your customers have to say about you.” However, you can encourage happy, current customers to report back on their experience: make sure that you do so.

The consequences of not attending to this crucial task are negative reviews and feedback, the effects of which can be more extensive than you might realize. Imagine that you’re trying to decide between two hotels which seem to be on relatively even footing… except that one has a few reports of poor management and unpleasant experiences with the staff. Which would you choose?

Tweaking Your Digital Marketing Strategy for Modern Success

Providing personalized and predictive customer experiences is crucial to achieving sustainable business growth in today’s customer-centric world, and marketers will play a crucial role in this shift.” Digital marketing has to be like the experience of going into a brick and mortar store and receiving polite, friendly, and personalized service. In order to not only please your potential clients, but to also make a conversion, you have to establish a level of trust and reliability.

The strategy that you used to bring business success ten, or even five, years ago won’t bring the same results anymore. “Marketers, maybe more than any team, should be thinking about how they can help turn more customers into active promoters.” In addition to your own efforts, you have to get satisfied customers to be a part of your team (whether they know it or not). That is, once a conversion has been made, you can’t then forget about the person behind it. They can still bring a lot of benefit to your business, and you might be able to provide them with some future benefits, too.

At least a part of your digital marketing strategy has to revolve around customer communication, including making sure that they’ve had a positive experience and that they share those opinions with the public in some capacity. Whether this means that they go out on their own and report back, or you prompt them for reviews that you then feature on your website is up to you… just make sure to not make too much work for them.

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