Online Reviews: A New Process to Mitigate Risk

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Online Reviews: A New Process to Mitigate Risk

Online reviews can make or break your business. If, for example, you’re listed in Google search results with one other business and that one has stronger, more numerous, and/or higher reviews, then it’s almost certain that the person browsing will opt for that company over yours. The more this happens, the more detrimental it is to your business. What can you do to encourage positive reviews and to curtail negative ones?

Keep Negativity off of Your Public Profile

The internet can seem incredibly perilous at times, if only because just about anyone can say just about anything whenever they get the urge. This can make it difficult to undo any damage done by, for example, a single unhappy customer. No matter where the blame falls within their negative experience, it’ll be your business that suffers if they decide to take their anger online. What can you do in the face of this completely legal action to protect your reputation?

Something that has proven effective within our testing is to create a series of forms and pages that direct customers – happy or otherwise – to appropriate outlets based on their response. That is, happy customers are encouraged to leave positive feedback on social media and other public forums in order to highlight those who were pleased with your work. Less-than-satisfied clients, then, are encouraged to leave their honest feedback in a review that is kept internally so that it can’t do any damage, but can still prove productive for you in order to make any necessary changes.

There are multiple benefits to this tactic, the largest of which is, again, that fewer negative reviews are finding their way onto Google’s homepage and other highly-trafficked areas. Instead, directing them to more private channels gives you control over those impassioned responses and allows you to take action from there without worrying about losing potential/future customers.

A New Way to Curate Online Reviews

Wondering about the actual steps involved in these forms and pages? The concept is simple. There is an initial form that asks for whatever information you want from reviewers (but typically something simple, like just their rating between 1-5). From there, those who rate you on the higher end – say, 4-5 stars – will be thanked and then provided with links to your social media sites so that they can pick their favorite and leave a review there for the public to see.

Conversely, those who rate you 1-3 stars – the lower end of things – would instead be taken to another internal form where they’re asked to provide more details/feedback about their experience. Here, they can rant and rave at their leisure without it appearing on your Google My Business listing or other public platforms. You’ll have a database of any unhappy responses and can take action from there, if any action needs to be taken.

Putting together this online reviews process within your website allows you flexibility and peace of mind. It can be a visible link, something that lives on your homepage or in the menu, or a hidden page that is only sent out via email to certain clients. Whatever you decide, let us help you to put it together. Get in touch with Eyler Creative. We will work with you to make sure that your desktop site is mobile-friendly, to help you to develop an entirely new mobile version of your site, and, if desired, develop and execute a marketing strategy tailored specifically to your business’s needs.


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