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Digital Marketing for Small & Medium-Sized Businesses

Let's craft a plan that is totally unique to your business's size and industry.

As a small or medium-sized company, it can be daunting to sort through all of the marketing agencies and advertisements to find the right partner for you. We understand this challenge and would love the opportunity to prove that Eyler Creative understands your business goals, industry, and values.
Digital Strategy Consulting
Web Design & Development

Website Design & Development

You may have a woefully out-of-date site, or one that you’re proud of but which needs a few tweaks. Whatever the case, we’ll work with you to transform your web goals into a reality, and then get the site out there for everyone to see!
Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Keeping up with the ever-shifting landscape of social media platforms and their respective trends can be daunting. We do the research for you to make sure you have a presence on the right sites, and in the right ways.
Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Once you have a website that’s in good shape, you need to get the word out. We accomplish this by using keywords and other web elements strategically so you’ll be found within Google’s search results.
Email Marketing

Email Marketing

People can be fiercely loyal to smaller and local businesses. That means they want to hear from you! Share your updates, blog posts, event information, and discounts with them via a monthly newsletter.
Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Add a bit of a boost to your online efforts with a paid campaign. If you have the budget to give it a try, we’ll guide you through the process of putting together a pay-per-click campaign to get you seen today.
Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

Reviews are critical for everyone, but especially for small and medium-sized businesses. Let us help to respond to reviews in order to present yourself in a positive light for potential customers.
Digital Strategy Consulting

Digital Marketing Strategy Consulting

We’ll help you navigate the vast and complex digital marketing landscape, define your unique strategy, and develop your digital marketing plan.​
Content and Inbound Marketing

Content & Inbound Marketing

To effectively reach your target audience, or audiences, we’ll help you employ inbound marketing strategies which serve to capture the attention of potential customers and call them to action.
Brand Strategy Development

Brand Strategy Development

We’ll help design all of your marketing materials from logo, website, social media, business cards, and even billboards so you’re branded appropriately and stand out from your competition.

An absolute start-to-finish awesome experience with Eyler Creative!

Ray Carlson Baltimore, MD

If there were 10 stars, I'd give them all 10!

Lauri Parker Baltimore, MD

The only thing better than working with Eyler Creative would be to refer business to them with high recommendations.

Shelley Brown Baltimore, MD

Our Digital Strategy Consulting Process

Unlike many other digital strategy consultants who develop a plan and leave the execution of it to you, we have the ability to both develop a digital marketing plan and put it into action on your behalf.


We take time to fully understand your business’s needs and goals alongside the behavior of your target audience and largest competitors. Your custom marketing plan can include everything from organization-wide strategies to lead generation automation. We take time to truly understand your organization’s needs and we create a fully-custom strategy that works best for you.


When we create your marketing strategy, we do so while considering your unique needs and goals. An often-overlooked aspect in a digital marketing strategy is the tailoring of your efforts to the platforms that your users are using right now. We’ll create a unique plan so that your message gets through to your varied audiences.


While your business’s mission and vision won’t change, the way you present it to your varied audiences must. We’ll discuss these updated strategies and, with your input, decide which work best for you.


With all of the groundwork in place, it’s time to put the plan into motion. Whether your team implements the strategy or we do, we’re here every step of the way. Our marketing strategies are always focused on better converting your site’s visitors into customers.

Some Of Our Small & Medium-Sized Clients

Are you a small or medium-sized business? You’re in the right place. We’ve worked with companies of all sizes to develop a marketing strategy that’s perfect for their unique business goals.
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