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Create a Small Business Digital Marketing Strategy for Success

Creating a small business digital marketing strategy is often the first (and most overlooked) step in a marketing strategy. We find this process essential in determining the success of a business’s overall online outreach.

Many times businesses jump right into the marketing game – they create social profiles (think Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn…), make necessary updates to their website, lay out plans for email newsletters, and begin organic outreach to prospective clients in their target market. While these are all great steps to take it’s important to take a step back and lay out the groundwork of a digital marketing strategy.

How Can a Digital Marketing Strategy Help My Business?

The first step of a digital marketing strategy is to take time to define your business’s online goals and target audience(s). Defining aspects such as what you want your business’s growth to look like within the next 6-12 months, what your most popular goods and services are, where your target audience hangs out online, and where they are geographically located, helps create the framework of a successful digital marketing strategy. It’s also good to review your business’s surrounding digital landscape, which includes your website, social media presence, online reviews, search engine ranking, and more.

Taking stock of these often overlooked aspects of your business allows you to have a better idea of where to put your efforts, hone in on which groups to target (and where), and better define what your target audience is searching for to find goods and services like yours. Without focusing on these elements of a small business digital marketing strategy we often find that clients aren’t reaching their goals as they would have expected.

Key Focus Points of a Solid Digital Marketing Strategy

While having social profiles, a nice website, and plans for newsletters and organic outreach are very important marketing initiatives, there are a few key items that should be defined before kicking off your strategy.

Keyword research.

You might know the general terms that your audience would look for to find your business but performing extensive keyword research helps you truly speak to them. For example, a dietician may believe their prospective clients are searching for the keyword “dietician” but it might be that they are actually searching for “nutritionist” or “nutritional coach.”

Localizing your offerings.

Defining the counties, towns, and neighborhoods where your target audience is residing is essential. More often than not, people are searching for goods and services in their area. Understanding the areas in which they are searching can help you hone in on quality leads.

Social media optimization and research.

While people are generally searching on Google, it’s also important to have social media pages that are optimized with your localized keywords. In addition, doing research to fully identify which social channels they are using will help you reach your audience from all angles.

Looking to Get Started?

Do you not have the bandwidth to develop a small business digital marketing strategy because you are busy running your business? This is where the experts at Eyler Creative come in. We are a digital marketing company that is truly different. We partner with our clients to help them show up in search results, gain more leads, and grow their business. To learn more about our offerings, or to discuss creating a digital marketing strategy for your small business today, get in touch!

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